Celebrate With Bill & Hill Or Hef? Pros, Cons Of Playboy Mansion, White House

Posted: December 20, 1999

Decisions, decisions. . .

Let's say you're one of the lucky swells who got an invitation to President Clinton's huge New Year's Eve party at the White House.

Let's also say you've had your eye on that hot on-line auction at Playboy.com. The nudie mag is selling off a pair of tix to ring in the new year with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion in L.A. At last report, the asking price had reached $12,500.

Which should you attend? It's a tough call. . .

The host

White House: Sex-crazed commander-in-chief

Playboy Mansion: Sex-crazed editor-in-chief

The chicks

WH: Hillary, Tipper, Elizabeth Taylor

PM: Miss August, Miss April. . .

Spot for romantic interlude

WH: The Oval Office

PM: The Grotto


WH: Lucianne Goldberg

PM: Gloria Steinem

Not on the guest list

WH: Monica Lewinsky

PM: Larry Flynt


WH: Black tie

PM: Black lingerie

Naughty behavior

WH: Donating soft money

PM: Getting naked

Midnight celebration

WH: Fireworks

PM: Fireworks

It's time to leave when. . .

WH: Maya Angelou reads her poetry

PM: Hef takes off his jammies

Hangover medication

WH: Penicillin

PM: Viagra


Hats off to the makers of LifeStyles condoms for shamelessly cashing in on the millennium. The company has a new line of Millennium 2000 prophylactics - "the product for people who plan to start the new millennium with a bang."

"Recent surveys indicate that more than half of the world's young people plan for their new millennium celebrations to include sex," said the condom-maker's Carol Carrozza.

"What better way to follow champagne and fireworks than with the new LifeStyles?"


With just a handful of days till the Y2K bug breaks loose, government officials across the country are exhibiting a distinct lack of guts.

In Washington, the president's Y2K czar gave a blithering performance last week when he fretted that hackers would test the nation's computers over the hectic New Year's weekend.

In a plea for mercy, John Koskinen asked pierced-nose anarchist lawbreakers to please, please delay committing any felonies. If you're going to illegally break into any computers, he whined, wait until later in the month.

Meanwhile in Boston, officials have given up any pretense of remaining calm.

As the rest of us are dodging falling airplanes while standing in line at broken ATMs, city emergency officials will be 40 feet underground in a bomb-proof bunker.

"We could close the doors and 300 people could survive here for 30 days," one official boasted to the Boston Globe.

Virus alert

Contrary to a recent e-mail rumor, Elf Bowling - one of the more popular office computer games - does not contain a virus.

According to an alarming e-mail that's been making the rounds, the program is actually a time bomb, waiting to go off on Christmas Eve.

"I heard that it totally wipes out your hard drive, and everything on your computer," the missive reads. "GET RID OF IT IF IT IS ON YOUR COMPUTER!!!"

The Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (www.sarc.com) says the whole thing is a hoax.

The rumor was probably started by a humorless office manager, peeved at the drones fooling around with the very funny game. If you haven't knocked over any elves yet, download the game at www.nstorm.com.

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