Model Finds Pix Un-bare-able Sez Mag Photog Tricked Her In Nude Picture

Posted: February 07, 2000

Another set of breasts has made it into the news.

This time the famous mammary glands belong to model Angela Izzo - who gained local celebrity through her full lips and her fuller romance with chef Georges Perrier. She says she was tricked into being the nude centerfold in the February issue of Philadelphia magazine.

And now she's planning to sue the publication.

Izzo did pose for the feature spread on local spas, but maintains she did not agree to show all. The lead photo of Izzo - relaxed, wet and lounging peacefully under the six hydro massage jets of the Vichy shower at Toppers Center City - was snapped after the photographer told Izzo the photo shoot was over, her lawyer said.

Izzo is ashamed and angry. Perrier, Izzo's fiance, is scandalized and outraged.

"Here's a woman that walks around all of her life clothed, and now she's naked in a centerfold," said Izzo's attorney, Paul Rosen.

Rosen said that although Izzo wasn't quite walking around clothed during that particular photo shoot, she had not known the breast shot had been taken, until she saw her own naked body lounging over pages 74-75.

"She saw it, then immediately called her mother to warn her," Rosen said Friday.

Izzo had no problem with the other photos in the story: one of her being massaged while nude, but with her legs and knees bent to cover the nasty bits; two wearing a robe, and one - on the contents page and the magazine's Web site - wearing a towel draped right to the top of her butt.

"They had been shooting her all day," Rosen said. "Models do get undressed to get the right kind of cleavage, but the public doesn't see it. People get undressed all the time. Runway models get undressed. . .but not for the public.

"There's a big difference between the photographers seeing you undressed and the public seeing you undressed."

Rosen said the alleged sneak shot happened like this: Izzo was posing under the hydro massage with her hands cupping her breasts. At one point, he said, the photographer told Izzo that he had finished shooting and that she could relax for a minute.

She uncovered her breasts and dropped her hands to her sides, he said. Then, photographer Pascal Blancon snapped the photo.

"She never posed naked in her life and never permitted any shots of that," he said. "They did it in a deceptive way. Look at her - she looks sound asleep. It doesn't look posed, does it?"

Rosen would not allow Izzo to be interviewed for this story.

Perrier also declined to talk. When contacted Friday, he confirmed that Izzo planned to sue the magazine, but said, "What do I have to do with it?"

Philadelphia magazine Editor Stephen Fried also declined to comment, as did Izzo's modeling agency.

The photo itself, even without the legal controversy, was a bold move for the magazine, which usually limits its cheesecake to liposuction ads.

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