Hockey Puck Stops Here

Posted: March 13, 2000

Comly Auctioneers on Wednesday will handle a bankruptcy auction that will enrich the lives of hockey fans, on and off the ice.

"This will be a sale of quantity and quality, the liquidation of all new equipment, obtained through a store now in bankruptcy," said Dan Comly Jr.

"Some lots are so arranged to appeal to dealers, like bundles of sticks or helmets by the dozen," Comly said. "But other lots are small enough to attract the attention of individuals like parents, the non-dealer buyers."

The brand name equipment of hockey-related items has been manufactured by Mission, CCM, Nike, Bauer, Eurosport, Riedell, RD Gear, Louisville, Easton, Sherwood and Koho.

Up for grabs will be 240 pairs of hockey and figure skates, 350 hockey and goalie sticks, 1,100 team jackets, jerseys, pants, hats, goalie masks, gloves and protectors for skaters' knees, shins, shoulders and chests.

Other items available are water bottles, hockey boot laces, replacement blades, a blade sharpener, fax machine, cash register, office computer and an office Sentry model-1230 safe.

The sale will begin 10 a.m. on the second floor of the Comly Auction House in West Kensington, 1825 East Boston Street.

Ten percent buyer's premium on all successful bids. For more information, call 215-634-2500.

GARAGE SALE: This auction will be a garage sale in every sense of the term, promises Alan Lecoff.

After 30 years of providing the latest in automotive diagnostic testing, the overhead doors are being pulled down for good at Jim's Garage in Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery County.

"After 30 years in the business, Jim is moving on to bigger and better things in the computer world," said Lecoff, staff sales organizer for Barry S. Slosberg Auction Gallery in Port Richmond.

More than 450 lots will be offered in tomorrow's 10 a.m. sale at Jim's Garage, 139 Tomlinson Road, at Philmont Avenue and Pine Road.

For the past three decades, the five-man crew at Jim's Garage did every type of automotive servicing with the exception of body and fender work.

Lots will include computer-assisted automotive testing equipment, tools, bay lifts, brake drum and caliper brake gauges, air tools and guns, gear pullers, and bench grinders.

One piece of diagnostic equipment on the block is a computer where you punch in information about your problem. The computer responds by spitting out a print-out, detailing what it will require in terms of parts and hours of labor, to resolve the problem.

"There also will be a number of items of interest for the do-it-yourselfer. Items like Snap-On tools and battery charges for the weekend mechanic who likes to make his own repairs at home," Lecoff said.

Ten percent buyer's premium on all successful bids. For more information, call 215-425-7030.

COLLECTOR'S ALERT: In children's books collectibles circles, the Bobbsey Twins are hot, says collectibles writer Linda Rosenkrantz.

Formerly in the shadow of the Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, the Rover Boys and Nancy Drew, the Bobbsey Twins now are America's hottest daily double.

Introduced in 1904, the Bobbsey Twins lived in the town of Lakeport in an unnamed Northeast state with their prosperous lumber merchant father, their homemaker mother and a cook named Dinah.

The books are perennials at flea markets, and at garage and yard sales.

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