7 Charged In Attack On Son Of Governor Taylor Whitman, 21, And Two College Roommates Were Assaulted Feb. 5 In Their Boston Apartment.

Posted: May 12, 2000

Seven men have been charged and a court date has been set for next week in an off-campus attack that injured Gov. Whitman's son and two of his Boston College roommates in February, officials said yesterday.

The seven men are accused of breaking into an apartment shared by Taylor Whitman, 21, and his roommates and attacking them with bottles and fists after an off-campus party, officials said.

The attack was triggered after Whitman and his roommates asked John Hwang, 21, of Brighton, Mass., to leave a party at their apartment, said James Borghesani, a spokesman for the District Attorney's Office in Suffolk County, Mass.

"Hwang was attending the party. He became drunk. He became belligerent. He was asked to leave," Borghesani said. "He later came back with his friends. They broke into the apartment, hitting people with bottles and punching."

Whitman was punched in the face, and Michael Adair and Matt Begley, both 20, were struck in the face by bottles and taken to a hospital for stitches, Borghesani said. All three are juniors.

Two other roommates were uninjured, Borghesani added.

The fight occurred at 2:45 a.m. Feb. 5. The seven men were charged with breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony, and attack with a dangerous weapon.

The governor was not available for comment on the fight, which was first reported yesterday in the Boston Herald.

Pete McDonough, Whitman's spokesman, said the governor's son was the least seriously injured of the roommates.

"It was bad enough for charges to be brought against the seven kids who did it," he said. "It was serious enough that two Boston College students involved were put on probation pending the outcome" of the court case.

William O'Donnell, an attorney for Hwang, could not be reached for comment. In addition to Hwang, the others charged are Ariel J. Strauss, 25, of Brookline, Mass.; John Lim, 23, of Waltham, Mass.; Calvin W. Leung, 25, of Malden, Mass.; Philip K. Lee, 18, of Chestnut Hill, Mass.; and David Kong, 24, and Jae Chol Yi, 22, both of Allston, Mass.

The Herald reported that Hwang filed a complaint against Whitman and his roommates, alleging that they attacked him during the party.

Borghesani said a clerk magistrate dismissed Hwang's complaint last Friday. "There was no basis whatsoever to go forward with it," he said.

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