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Posted: May 16, 2000

You've won at Jeopardy, at least in your mind. You could be a millionaire, if only Regis would call. But if you're a popular music aficionado, the biggest challenge still lies ahead - the Fourth Annual Rhino Musical Aptitude Test (RMAT), happening tomorrow night.

This time, for a change, you're guaranteed a seat at the table. Philadelphia is one of five cities where this challenging "Search for the Ultimate Music Geek" will be conducted live - at Tower Records' Broad and Chestnut Streets location - starting at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Or you can take the hour-long, 305 question (all multiple choice) RMAT test on the Internet, beginning precisely at 9 p.m. tomorrow at the Rhino records Web site

Are you up for the mission? Consider these mind-taxers from last year's competition.

Question: What character did Michael Jackson portray in "The Wiz"?

Answers: a)Toto, b)The Scarecrow, c) The Tin Man, d)The Cowardly Lion, e)Dorothy.

Yeah, those Rhino dudes are real wiseasses.

Question: What songwriting team credited several of its tunes to the alias "Nanker/Phlege"?

Answers: a)Lennon/McCartney, b)Jagger/Richards, c)Goffin/King, d)Bacharach/David, e) Mann/Weill.

If you went with the Rolling Stones duo, you're still moving.

Question: Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life" contains a sample from which Broadway musical?

Answers: a)Hair, b)Annie, c)Oklahoma, d)Cats, e)Cabaret.

Hope you went with that little red-headed orphan girl.

Here's some help for prepping. It's an open-book test. That means you can bring all the resource materials you can tote, and cram by your seat. (To remind you of high school SAT anxieties, there'll be school desks and No. 2 pencils for filling out the forms.)

Also take note - Rhino includes a bunch of questions reflecting its album release agenda - those most excellent boxed sets and themed compilations. Last year's RMAT (their third annual) had sections devoted to Randy Newman, Alice Cooper and those infamous "Golden Throats" collections. One sample of the latter asked, "Which boxer's recording of 'Knock On Wood' didn't exactly score a knockout on the charts?" Of course, the correct answer was Philly's own Joe Frazier.

Winners in each town and on-line earn a JVC home entertainment system and 100 discs, among other goodies. The grand prize winner also gets every Rhino release for as long as you live. Last year, the Geekus Musicus Maximus award went to Rickey Wright, music editor.

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