'Night Stalker' Held For Trial

Posted: June 23, 2000

He was known as the West Philadelphia Night Stalker.

But he's in jail today, thanks to the stalking of some alert cops.

Jerome Bussey, 20, of Mantua Avenue near 42nd Street, got his reputation for beating and robbing elderly women near 56th and Market streets between 4 and 7 a.m. last year.

Most of his victims were on their way to work when they were attacked from behind.

Last Dec. 1, Police Officers Billy Golphin and Ronald Green put an end to Bussey's early-morning crime spree. They caught him following the robbery and beating of a women in her 60s.

"He let her walk by, then struck her several times and started kicking her," said Golphin.

Golphin and Green were in the area trying to catch "the stalker."

They chased Bussey into a nearby house, where they found a batch of stolen pocketbooks on the basement floor.

Credit cards belonging to the victims were also recovered.

Yesterday, after a preliminary hearing before Municipal Judge Georganne V. Daher, Bussey was ordered to stand trial for attacking and robbing five women between the ages of 50 and the mid-70s, during a three-week period.

Bussey is still awaiting a hearing for four similar robberies.

"I did a stupid thing," Bussey told detectives after his arrest.

One woman said she is afraid to go to church in the area.

Most of the victims suffered bruises, but were not seriously injured. In some cases, Bussey used a toy gun to frighten the women.

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