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Posted: May 16, 2001

At the Countryside Market and Delicatessen in Swarthmore all of the sandwiches are named after town buildings, landmarks and roads (Swarthmore has no "streets"). A popular sandwiches is the Ashton House, named after a Swarthmore College guest house that was used for a community-living housing project in the 1970s, and, yes, it (the sandwich) is big enough to share.

Packed full of turkey, cucumbers, lettuce and cheese, the Ashton House is topped off with a cranberry chutney from the New England Cranberry Co. Theresa Carrafa, who with her husband, John, owns the Countryside Market at 514 Yale Ave., says she chose this chutney because it was "not too vinegary" to combine with the other ingredients. Produced in Massachusetts, the chutney is sold at the Countryside Market.


2 slices Le Bus multi-grain bread

1/3 pound turkey breast (thinly sliced)

1 ounce mayonnaise

4 slices English cucumbers (cut on a slant)

2 leaves lettuce

2 slices Muenster cheese

1 ounce New England Cranberry Company cranberry chutney

Spread mayonnaise on the bottom piece of bread. Layer with turkey, cucumbers, lettuce and cheese. Spread the cranberry chutney on the second piece of bread and place on top. Cut sandwich in half.

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