Posted: August 14, 2001

Friend speaks up for Ange

One of the reasons I have read the Daily News for 20 years is that it pokes fun at things, but when is enough enough? The Angelo Lutzsightings were beyond ridiculous. If he were black or gay or handicapped, there would be a public outcry, but Angelo has a weight problem. How can you justify the fat jokes? A lot of people believed those "sightings" to be true, as well as the food eaten.

Angelo and I went to school together, St. Monica's through St. John Neumann. I do not approve of the crimes he has commited or of his lifestyle. He will pay for his choices with jail time. When we were 10, Angelo showed up at my dad's viewing, brought a mass card, said a prayer in front of my dad's body, then gave condolences to my mom. My family was amazed at the respect this boy showed.

Before he went to jail, I and my three children went to see Angelo. He and his mom welcomed me with open arms. In almost two hours, there was no massive food consumption, and typically, Angelo expressed more concern about my problems than his.

Fred Maniscalco, Newark, Del.

Hypocrisy about horses

Jeffrey M. Miller (letter Aug. 6) wrote about our city's carriage horses working in extreme heat.

A friend called Councilman Frank DiCicco's office during the first heat wave, and was told to "call the police" - as though with all the crime in our city, the horses should take up police work.

I called DiCicco's office in this second heat wave, and was told to call the Health Department.

It was DiCicco who introduced the amendment to the original 94-degree temperature limit to a toothless, gutless 91 degrees.

Philadelphia has the highest heat cut-off temperature of all the major cities, and the other cities factor in a humidity index.

The Councilman is so business/vote oriented, he doesn't see that his constituents - and residents throughout the city - are negatively affected by this hellish situation. He may feel he gave those horses a few crumbs, but it was just a sham.

Lou Peluso, Philadelphia

No choice - it IS her business

Andrea Kelly (letter Aug. 7) says most pro-lifers care about the child only while in the womb.

Wrong. I'm 21 and have been diagnosed with a syndrome that may make it almost impossible to give birth to a healthy baby of my own. I'll be getting married soon, but may never be able to say those two joyous words to my husband, "I'm pregnant." My heart breaks because of it.

So, when women who have no trouble getting pregnant dispose of their gift, instead of choosing adoption, it angers me. I did not choose this disease; I didn't get a choice. But, other women have a choice. So, this is my business.

Noelle Burlingame, Warminster

No 'good time' for N-word

There is no "good time" to use the N-word (letters Aug. 7), nor is it ever appropriate. Its meaning is derogatory toward blacks.

There is no place in this world for haters. We all bleed red.

Terry Saskin, Bensalem

Editor's note: The writer is a white Philadelphia public school teacher whose class is all black and Latino.

Stringer photo insensitive

Your sports cover-page photo of Korey Stringer (Aug. 2) was tasteless and insensitive. Here's a thumbs down to the jerk who chose the picture and the idiot who approved it.

Tom Zito, Avalon, N.J.

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