Letters Debating The 'Revenge' Editorial

Posted: September 19, 2001

THANK GOD for Carol Towarnicky (Sept. 12).

Otherwise we would have the sense that the editorial leadership of the Daily News would have us drop nuclear bombs on villages all over Afghanistan in order to feel better after last Tuesday's disaster. The is a moment for wisdom, not the senseless bellowing of wounded bulls.

The rhetoric of the "Blood for Blood" editorial should be held accountable for bullets through mosque windows, or racist statements shouted out of car windows at anyone with dark skin who might be Arab.

This rhetoric will not make us safer, it will put us more in harm's way.

Jean Hunt, Philadelphia

"Revenge. Hold on to that thought . . . wake up chanting it," counsels the Daily News lead editorial on the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, which concludes with the declaration, "Tomorrow belongs to us."

It was sickening to read this appeal to the basest instincts in your readers. The endless chain of death and misery in the Middle East, in Northern Ireland, in Africa, is forged by just these kind of mindless calls for revenge. In fact, the fanatics who directed these planes were no doubt following their own vision of revenge when they murdered thousands.

Your editorial might have been directly translated from the worst manifesto of Osama bin Laden. Justice is one thing, the raging bloodlust you encourage quite another.

We cannot, we must not, become snakes to defeat snakes. Tomorrow belongs to those who can defend their humanity - without discarding it.

Michael McGettigan, Philadelphia

They say that if you live long enough, you will see everything. I guess that applies to a mid-50s male who has lived in the Philadelphia area his whole life.

The Daily News Editorial Board members are becoming "hawks" over the horrific disaster of Sept. 11. That's just great!

I for one am sick of the leftist warm and fuzzy approach, always being careful to be "politically correct" and wary of the liberal Deadly Sin of hurting someone's feelings.

What happened on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, was caused, in great part, by the liberal policies of the last 30 to 40 years. Policies that the Daily News constantly espoused, over and over. In a word, you are shameful!

Kenneth L. Denski Sr.

Southampton, Pa.

It amazes us to read comments from American people opposing revenge and ultimately war against these sick, crazed, lunatic madmen who want the U.S. and Israel off the map.

Charles and Lauren Adrey, Philadelphia

"Only love, mercy and forgiveness can defeat evil as dark as this" (letter, Sept. 14).

While James P. Kimmel of Kennett Square feels this way, I cannot. And I am sure that his attitude would be slightly different if someone close to him was one of the murdered.

I feel anger, hurt, sorrow and love for my fellow Americans. But there is no way I could ever forgive a bunch of psychotic, suicidal cowards for taking thousands of innocent peoples' lives. And if something is not done to the monsters responsible for this travesty, all of our fellow Americans who died will have died in vain.

Darlene Steelman, Philadelphia

It is important to address the cowardly among us who cry for us to "turn the other cheek" and that "retaliation is not the answer." Do you not remember the same "answer" when Hitler began his attacks in Europe? If not for the courage and resolve of hundreds of thousands of Americans then, would you even have the freedom to express any opinion now?

Now is not the time for indecision. It is a time for action. It is a time to support our nation in a war we did not start, but must finish. God bless America.

Michael McCort


To Clayton Jerolmack (letter, Sept. 17), You are the just the kind of person the terrorist love, preaching tolerance, not revenge. You're a lamb the lions love to eat.

Bill Shanahan


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