Man charged in e-mail death threat A Washington state man sent the threat to Lisa Robertson, a QVC host, police said. He is to turn himself in.

Posted: October 05, 2001

EAST GOSHEN — A Washington state man accused of sending a death threat via e-mail to QVC host Lisa Robertson will turn himself in to local authorities next week, a police sergeant said yesterday.

Christopher Nichols, 31, of Bellingham, Wash., was charged last week with making terroristic threats and harassment and stalking by communications, both misdemeanors. According to an affidavit, he sent the obscenity-laced death threat on Sept. 2.

Sgt. Duane Minshall of Westtown-East Goshen police said yesterday that local police had contacted Nichols' attorney in Washington to bring Nichols to Chester County. Minshall said that if Nichols did not give himself up to Chester County authorities, he would be extradited. Nichols has a preliminary hearing on Oct. 24 in District Court.

Robertson is a rotating host on the 24-hour shopping network, which is based in West Chester. In 1989, she won the Miss Tennessee contest and competed in the Miss America pageant, according to QVC's Web site. She has worked at QVC since 1995.

Bonnie Clark, a QVC spokeswoman, declined to comment on the threat against Robertson.

"Because it's a security issue, we cannot discuss the matter," she said.

She said some QVC hosts faced celebrity-type pressures. "Their job is in front of the television camera, so they are more visible than the average person," she said.

Minshall said QVC hosts received threatening or disconcerting e-mails a couple of times a year.

Reached in Washington, Nichols' father, John, said the family could not comment until they had consulted their attorney.

According to court documents, Nichols wrote Robertson three times in August and September using a Gateway e-mail account. The first two messages were not threatening, although in one he allegedly wrote that he liked Robertson's smile and hairdo and said he was in love with her.

The obscenity-laced e-mail that included a death threat was received on Sept. 2 at 5:47 a.m., court documents said.

"I'm putting this e-mail in here for a friend of mine, who has been so nice to you," the e-mail read, according to the court documents. "You continually ignore him. He is very hurt by this, and so am I."

QVC passed the message along to police, who obtained a court order to track the address of the mail sender.

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