Thieves hit the road with salt Without snow, what will they do with their haul?

Posted: February 09, 2002

MOORESTOWN — Call it the case of the disappearing salt - 12 tons of it.

Police say some salty dog slunk away with a heaping dump truck's worth of road salt and no one knows how or why.

About half of the 25-ton load of road salt delivered earlier this week to the Kmart parking lot on Route 38 at Lenola Road is missing, according to police.

With the going price for road salt $35 a ton, the take was worth about $420. But it must have had some use for whoever took on the feat of moving 24,000 pounds of loose asphalt spice. The rest of the pile now lies in a corner of the lot, covered by a blue tarp weighted down by tires and cement blocks.

Police said they have no suspects and are not pursuing an investigation into the theft.

Images Landscaping of Atco, the company that manages the parking lot and keeps it free of snow, had a 25-ton pile of salt delivered, a police report said. On Monday night, an employee reported to police that half of the pile had disappeared.

The landscaping company did not respond to phone calls seeking comment.

In the meantime, it does not appear that whoever has the salt will have use for it anytime soon if they are still in this area. There's no snow in the forecast for the next week.

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