The Sharon Reed soap opera

Posted: March 04, 2002

THE PERSONAL life of Sharon Reed, the Channel 10 anchor, makes Page 3 of the Daily News.

Her relationships with the men she chooses to date are of no interest to me. I think it's pretty low when news reporters, radio personalities and journalists start attacking each other and dragging names in the mud.

I would have rather seen Page 3 (or even Page 1) filled with news about the symposium on black concerns that was held at Sharon Baptist Church on Saturday. As a matter of fact, I didn't see any article in your paper about it.

Carolyn Hernandez, Philadelphia

I watched the Channel 10 news for the past week, and you can see a difference in Steve Levy. Sharon Reed did not complement Steve at all.

Steve and Connie Colla were great together. But when Reed arrived, there was a stagnant emptiness in the program and you could see it in Steve.

I'm glad Reed is gone. Steve looks happy again. I started watching the other morning news programs - but now I'm back to watching Steve again.

Fran Rollen, Philadelphia

Personally, I don't think Sharon Reed has done anything wrong.

She's an intelligent, attractive female who, without even trying, has intimidated many folks.

Sharon, get off your pity party, raise your head high and walk tall. This trial has only come to make you stronger and to prepare you for greater things.

Mary A. Mark, Philadelphia

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