LETTERS The bad old days at Philly International

Posted: August 22, 2002

YOUR AUG. 15 editorial would have been compelling - if all of the facts had been presented.

The supposition that the reduction of US Airways traffic penetration at Philadelphia International Airport would increase competition is extremely misguided. The fact that this ridiculous argument has also been advanced by city Councilman James Kenney should not come as any surprise. His political career in recent years could be likened to "fire . . . ready . . . aim."

Recall PHL's international service in the late 1980s. (And why are you referring to PHL in your editorial as PIA - that's the FAA reference to the airport in Peoria, Ill.?).

We had no transatlantic service at the main airport terminal. Any passenger going outside North America had to depart from an overgrown Quonset hut on Island Avenue. The accommodations were Third World at best. There were many European visitors who I greeted at that facility who were shocked that this could be an arrival point for British Airways or Air France.

US Airways may not be popular because of the large presence it has at PHL. But keep in mind that their commitment to PHL as a hub has afforded the region with a much more significant international presence than what we had 15 or 20 years ago. Would Councilman Kenney (and the Daily News) prefer that passengers with international destinations embark from LaGuardia, JFK, Newark or BWI?

Gregory J. Chittick, Philadelphia

Nonsensical Bush-bashing

In reference to Darius Wright's letter ("Anybody but Bush," Aug. 16), I find it sad that to ease his anger he must write letters full of distortions, lies and hate.

He refers to Republicans as racist and exclusionary. As a Republican, I have grown sick of being labeled by people like Wright.

Only a shallow, narrow-minded partisan buffoon could judge other people's character by some stupid political affiliation. Anybody with a clue to reality knows that racists come in all colors, both genders, and have standing in all political parties.

As for G.W. Bush, I know it makes people like Wright feel better about themselves to label him as sad, pathetic and unintelligent, but the mainstream knows that, all things considered, he hasn't done that bad despite the best efforts of Democratic activists and the liberal media to distort facts on both the economy and the war on terror.

Judging by his letter, if Darius Wright wants to see the sad, pathetic and unintelligent, he need look no further than who he sees every time he looks in the mirror.

Nicholas Amicone, Laureldale, Pa.

Remembering Eric Shunk

In response to "Aching for Justice," the story of a grieving mother who still, to this day, is haunted by the death of her son, Eric.

I remember this story well as I was a classmate of Eric's at St. Hugh's of Cluny School.

I remember coming home from school for lunch one day and seeing Eric's picture on the TV news and saying to my mom: "Hey, look mom, Eric's on TV!" Just at that moment, our phone rang, and I could tell from the tone of my mother's voice that something was wrong. My mom came into the living room and told me that I didn't have to go back to school that afternoon because there had been an accident and Eric was taken to heaven.

None of us second-graders were able to go to Eric's funeral because we were too young. We attended prayer services in our school chapel and counseling sessions were offered to all students. Mrs. Shunk became very involved in our school activities. It was like she needed us as much as we needed her to get through such a hard time.

Every time I pass the Shop-n-Bag on the El I say a little prayer for Eric and his family. I pray, too, that one day Eric's murderer(s) will be found and brought to justice.

Cindy (Sirorine) Edmiston


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