Letters Iverson's 'level': It's low

Posted: April 25, 2003

RE "Yet another level we've never seen" by John Smallwood (April 21):

You have to be kidding. Allen Iverson is no where near the level of the great 76ers of the past - Dr. J and Wilt. Those were artists of the game who reached levels never to be repeated.

Allen Iverson is nothing but a disgrace to the great game of basketball. He should stick to what he is good at: being a thug, rolling with his homies, causing trouble.

Anyone else doing what this thug does would be in jail, like he should be. Good thing for him he has the Philadelphia court system in his back pocket.

He will never win anything whereever he plays because he has no class or respect and loves no one but himself. The city would be better off without him here.

George Stulak, West Chester

Congrats to female deputy corrections commish

PLAUDITS TO Elsa Legesse (article April 12) on becoming the first female deputy commissioner of the Philadelphia prison system. Good luck and Godspeed!

M.A. Vare, Philadelphia

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