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Posted: May 09, 2003

YOUR May 1 article on Internet taxation was, in general, excellent.

On behalf of, however, I would like to clarify one aspect of your characterization of Amazon's position on the imposition of tax collection obligations on online sellers.

Your piece declares that " lobbies against online sales taxes claiming they would inhibit the growth of Internet commerce." This is incorrect. has been an active participant in the Streamlined Sales Tax Project from its early stages.

We strongly support the states' initiatives to simplify and make more uniform their current patchwork of sales tax regimes. We have testified to this effect before Congress and state legislatures. We acknowledge that if the states achieve genuine simplification and some degree of uniformity, the constitutional prohibition on the imposition of sales tax collection obligations on remote sellers, online and off, will be obviated.

When the states make it possible for remote sellers to cope with the sales tax system nationwide, we will be in a position to compete on a level playing field with local sellers.

Robert D. Comfort

Vice President, Tax Policy

Seattle, Wash.


Re Judge James M. DeLeon's remarks that his bad press could be racially motivated:

I didn't even know that the judge was African-American. Why doesn't he admit he made a mistake and move forward?

Mark Mazza, Feasterville

Clintonize Bush

To congressional Democrats and the people who can't stand President Bush:

This is no way to treat someone with Bush's track record. Let's give him the same kind of support and respect Republicans gave President Clinton during Clinton's prosperous and wildly successful administration.

Bush deserves no less.

Stephen Cornell, Hatboro

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