Not happy with the Eagles

Posted: August 20, 2003

THE EAGLES wanted $15 million up front from Temple before they would allow the football team to play in the stadium.

Temple is a school that is just developing its football program in the modern era. It is a mainstay for the impoverished student with a large number of scholarships and a liberal student loan program. I would not have become a lawyer if it was not for Temple's reasonable cost 40 years ago.

Now the Eagles want to ransom Temple University to allow it to play football in the new stadium.

We had an Enron fraud in the corporate world. The demand for $15 million advance rent by the Eagles is a fraud in the university world.

Seymour Lacker


Two words best describe Jeff Lurie and Joe Banner. I have not felt this much resentment since the last "rich outsider" (Norman Braman) bought the Eagles and then alienated the city and its loyal fans.

The bottom line with these people will always be the almighty dollar! Their pompous attitude toward both Eagles and Temple fans is a disgrace. Without the fans' tax money, the owner does not get his new stadium. How does he give back to the area? Making them pay for personal seats licenses and holding Temple football hostage for $15 million up front.

I personally will never spend a dime in his stadium! The one thing Jeff Lurie and Joe Banner have in common is arrogance and greed!

Dave Greenhalgh, Ivyland

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