Posted: September 17, 2003

WELL, HERE we go again.

Another professional athlete, Donovan McNabb, gets a huge amount of money in a new contract and promptly heads toward a quarterback quagmire.

Haven't we seen this before? Show me the money and watch me become mediocre at best.

Isn't this a typical pro sports syndrome? (Anyone remember Von Hayes?)

We've gone through many years of Philly teams on the brink but unable to deliver the killing blow and win a championship.

Oh, yes, the fans keep paying and paying to watch these pitiful performances. Now the Eagles fans pay even more to see the games in a new stadium with new prices so they can pay even more for less. Next year, it will be the Phillies' turn in their new digs.

Sunday's game with New England demonstrated the lack of offensive coordination and performance from the staff and players.

Andy Reid's "West Coast offense" seems to have gone south.

Dave Kozlowski


What's with Donovan McNabb?

Is he trying to get coach Andy Reid fired?

It seems that way as the Super Bowl dream goes up in smoke.

Take my advice, McNabb - lay off the Campbell's soup. It's starting to affect your performance.

And the Eagles cheerleaders are looking really hot in those new outfits. (Is that why the Eagles lost - they were focused on the the cheerleaders instead of the game?)

Robert F. Schaffer

Has anyone considered that Donovan McNabb might be the Eagles' Eric Lindros?

Vince Benedict, Collegeville

It looks like the Eagles may really be the "Fool's Gold" Standard in the NFL.

Stephen Cornell, Hatboro

Now, with two in a row, there is NO excuse about losing to the defending Super Bowl champion. There are problems with this team that have to be addressed by the coach - if he has a clue as to what is wrong on the field.

Another bad game for McNabb, a lack of a stable running game, lack of cohesive wide receivers and no good secondary are going to make for a long season.

These factors combined with the loss of a few key players aggravate the situation even more. We have a new stadium but a lack of front-office desire to take our team play to the next level.

It's fine for coach Reid to accept responsibility for losses, but solutions have to be found before more embarrassing losses occur.

Fans deserve some real answers, and the sportswriters have to push coach Reid for those answers.

Many people have shelled out big bucks for this new arena and they're already shortchanged, with no end in sight.

Obviously, the game plan isn't working.

Instead of being stubborn, it's time to acknowledge the shortfalls and mistakes that have been made by this organization on and off the field.

Thomas G. Lutek

True-to-life animation

I was at a Phillies game recently, and it is amazing how realistic the animated SEPTA subway-train races from City Hall to Pattison are on the scoreboard.

You don't see any SEPTA cops on those platforms, either.

John Casey, Glenolden

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