Dr. J says wife released sex tape to media

Posted: January 27, 2004

Here's one instant replay he probably wishes he could take back: A sex video featuring NBA Hall of Famer Julius Erving has surfaced, just in time for his divorce proceedings from Turquoise Erving, his wife of 30 years.

Dr. J, 53, who led the 76ers to the NBA championship in 1983, said that it was his wife who released the tape to the media.

"This tape was made 15 years ago, while my wife and I were separated," Erving told The Inquirer yesterday through a spokesman. "The decision by my wife's advisers to release it during our divorce negotiations is disappointing, especially since my wife has had it in our possession all these years."

The New York Post, which released the video last week, said it shows a younger Erving in an "undershirt, boxers, and metal-framed glasses engaging with a voluptuous, dark-haired young woman with cinnamon skin wearing a negligee."

Regarding the video, Andrea Black, Turquoise Erving's lawyer, told the Post: "I'm sad it's reached this point. We've been trying to resolve this amicably. . . . He made agreements to do things. He did not do those things."

A Seminole County, Fla., court ordered Erving to pay Turquoise $1,500 a week, plus household expenses, and $8,000 a month for credit-card bills. Erving lists his net worth at $9 million.

The former Sixers star has fathered at least two children out of wedlock: tennis player Alexandra Stevenson, 22, and Jules, a 6-year-old son identified in divorce papers last year.

In a cover story last year in Philadelphia Magazine titled "Dr. J in Crisis," author Robert Huber portrayed Erving as professionally and personally adrift since the death in 2000 of Cory Erving, his youngest son with Turquoise.

In the story, Turquoise Erving, 53, said: "I kept those [out-of-wedlock] babies to myself all these years. But now I've got nothing to hide anymore. I've been hiding for years about Julius' babies."

Who's the daddy?

* Debbie Rowe, ex-wife of Michael Jackson, says the singer is not the biological father of his two older children. According to legal papers quoted in the News of the World, a British tabloid, Rowe, who is seeking temporary exclusive custody of Prince Michael Jr., 6, and Paris, 5, says she is the children's biological mother but was artificially inseminated with the sperm of anonymous donors.

When Jackson was interviewed for a British TV documentary, he insisted that the two children are biologically his.

In her legal papers, Rowe says that before each insemination, she agreed to refrain from sex for six months to avoid "any possibility of semen being introduced into my body other than by way of surgical artificial insemination."

Rowe says she struck an agreement with Jackson in 1996, nine months before their wedding. She agreed to "knowingly and voluntarily waive my right to contest Michael's paternity," the newspaper said. For bearing the children, Rowe says, she got a payoff of more than $3 million, along with a home, car, clothes, furs and jewels. Jackson had his third child with a second woman.

Disgrace under fire

* Do we really give a fig that Oscar nominations are out this morning? Not when the Razzie dishonors came yesterday. Contenders for worst picture of 2003 include Gigli (nine nominations) and The Cat in the Hat and From Justin to Kelly (eight nominations each).

Cuba Gooding Jr. copped three worst-actor nominations - for Boat Trip, Fighting Temptations, and Radio. Not to be outdone, Ashton Kutcher tied him, for the contemptuous Cheaper by the Dozen, Just Married, and My Boss' Daughter. Ben Affleck got a twofer for Paycheck and Gigli. Other nominees include Jennifer Lopez (Gigli), Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz (Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle), and Angelina Jolie (Beyond Borders and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life). Winners - or should we say losers? - will be announced Feb. 28.

Lord of the ring?

* Speaking of Kutcher, Imdb.com's gossip site quotes unnamed "pals" of the overexposed star of tube, screen and tabloid as saying the 25-year-old plans to wed lady friend Demi Moore, 41, come May. The tabloid Star, a source as reliable as a broken watch, reports that the couple have been in counseling with Moore's three daughters.

Another comeback

* Frank Lautenberg, who rejoined the ranks of U.S. senators a year ago, rejoined the ranks of U.S. husbands Sunday, marrying Bonnie S. Englebardt at her Manhattan apartment, his office announced yesterday. It is the second marriage for both the 80-year-old New Jersey Democrat, whose first ended in divorce, and Englebardt, who was a widow. Her age was not included in the wedding announcement.

Rabbi David Lincoln of Park Avenue Synagogue performed the wedding ceremony, which included immediate family and a few close friends, the senator's office said. The bride's mother, Jean Steinberg, was matron of honor, and Lautenberg's son, Joshua, was best man.

Global glow

* The Hollywood Foreign Press Association threw its annual Golden Globes clambake Sunday night, a gala that's a better predictor of fashion than of Oscars. The black-tie event resembled a white sale, given the chalk-toned duds worn by winner Diane Keaton (best actress in a comedy for Something's Gotta Give), presenter Gwen Stefani, and nominees Scarlett Johansson and Amber Tamblyn.

More colorful were Charlize Theron (winner, best actress in a drama for Monster), in a handkerchief-silk frock of buttercup yellow; presenter Queen Latifah, pretty in pink satin; and nominee Cate Blanchett, in a retro gown of fire-engine red.

In one of the evening's sartorial misfires, Jennifer Lopez, apparently channeling Elizabeth Taylor, sported a tangerine chiffon resembling a Greek chiton retrofitted by Edith Head. In another, nominee Nicole Kidman wore a gold and white flapper chemise that looked like a reject from the closet of ice princess Nancy Kerrigan.

Multiple winner Sofia Coppola (best screenplay and film comedy for Lost in Translation) and Mary Louise Parker (supporting-actress winner for the mini-series Angels in America) proved that black needn't be basic. Coppola's ebony cocktail dress was elegant and modest, while Parker's decollete jet satin was anything but. Parker thanked her newborn son for the breasts that helped fill out her dress.

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