Possible theft has left the Phanatic topless

Posted: February 10, 2004

It's true.

It's been confirmed.

It's gone.

The Phillies' mascot has lost his head. Or somebody has taken it. Nobody seems to know.

The Phillie Phanatic's head disappeared Friday from the Wachovia Center some time during the team's "Final Pieces" charity sale and auction of mementos from Veterans Stadium.

Tom Burgoyne, the man behind the mask, took off his costume during a break, then realized that his head - well, the Phanatic's head - was gone when he returned to his unlocked dressing room.

A security videotape reportedly showed no sign of illegal activity.

Burgoyne has a backup costume but is hoping for the return of the $3,000 head.

Phillies spokesman Larry Shenk said yesterday that the team had not determined whether a reward would be offered for the return of the head. There were no leads in the possible theft, he said.

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