Body found at Bridesburg trash station Police are seeking the woman's identity. Loads from outside the city go there, which complicates the job.

Posted: February 11, 2004

Police and the Medical Examiner's Office last night were trying to learn the name of a woman whose naked body was found yesterday in a refuse pile at a trash-transfer station in the city's Bridesburg section.

The discovery was made shortly after 12:30 p.m. when a worker manipulating a mechanical claw at Quickway Inc., 2960 Orthodox St., picked up the body in some debris. The worker spotted the cadaver, lowered it, and notified a superior, who called police.

Inspector James Boyle of the Homicide Division said the body - apparently that of a white woman in her 20s - bore no identifying tattoos, but did have "some type of jewelry in her belly button."

The body, which had not yet begun to decompose extensively, will be fingerprinted in an effort to learn the woman's identity.

Another investigator said that her fingernails were manicured and that her overall appearance was "well groomed."

Police said trucks haul trash to the site from locations beyond the city, which makes learning her identity more complicated.

Boyle, who was at the scene, said detectives were trying to learn all of the locations from which refuse had arrived in the last day or two.

"You want to try and find out where she originated," Boyle said.

An autopsy will be conducted to learn the cause of death and whether the woman had been sexually assaulted.

Quickway is on a lightly used street that dead-ends on the Delaware about a quarter-mile east. The trash pile where the body was found is about 200 yards from the business' main entrance. The Betsy Ross Bridge is just to the south. The street is used mainly by trash-hauling 18-wheelers that cart the debris to landfills.

No one at Quickway would comment yesterday.

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