People proclaims Pitt's rear 'Troy'-umphant

Posted: May 11, 2004

FORGET THE OSCARS, the Emmys, even People magazine's most beautiful people list. Here are the winners of Hollywood's most important honor.

Best bottom.

Husband and wife fitness experts Majid and Ahnjel Ali, who have been rating superstar behinds since 1999, have named their 2004 picks for the best and worst butts in Hollywood, according to Wireless Flash.

This year, "Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell of the Bootie," say Britney Spears is at the top for females. The deliciously muscular "Troy" star Brad Pitt is No. 1 among the men.

Majid says scrawny celebutante Paris Hilton's posterior is the worst among celebrity women.

And Jack Nicholson bottoms out as the male star with the worst butt, but Ahnjel thinks there's hope. She says, "Jack, you gotta get it back. I'm a fitness trainer. I live in your town. Call me."

Diamond girl

She really does earn that J-Ho nickname.

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly engaged once again. The Latina singer and actress has given back the pink diamond engagement ring given to her by Ben Affleck and now has a rock from current beau Marc Anthony, the New York Post's Page Six reports.

"She is wearing a huge diamond ring on the middle finger of her left hand," a Lopez friend told the Post. "It is a diamond band with a huge square clear diamond in the middle and the square diamond is surrounded by more tiny diamonds. It is an engagement ring."

A rep for Lopez said: "I don't know about that ring."

But while all is sunny again in Lopez's love life, her upcoming movies aren't looking so hot. The films "Shall We Dance" (with Richard Gere) and "An Unfinished Life" (with Robert Redford) are being recut after tanking with test audiences, the Post reports.

"Shall We Dance" is being moved from an Aug. 6 release to Oct. 15. "An Unfinished Life" is getting a limited release in December.

A Miramax rep said the films were both under control.

Child star turned scribe

Who says you can't get another 15 minutes?

Macaulay Culkin, of "Home Alone" fame, has written a novel that is causing quite the stir at Miramax Books, the New York Daily News' Lloyd Groves reported yesterday.

Called "Junior" and scheduled to come out next March, the book is "part memoir, part rant, part comedic tour-de-force," according to the publisher's catalog. It also is a "quest to come to terms with the awesome pressures of childhood megastardom and family dysfunction."

Well, Culkin, now 23, should know a little about that. Since shooting to stardom at the age of 9 he has survived his parents' bitter custody battle, a dispute over his $17 million trust fund, an estrangement from his father, a failed marriage and a two-year period of agoraphobia when he didn't leave his New York apartment.

And to top it off, he was friends with accused child molester Michael Jackson.

Sounds like a best seller to us.

Beyonce bowls

over Brits

Is bootylicious Beyonce Knowles going to be honored by the Queen of England?

According to London's Daily Mirror, the 22-year-old wowed Prince Charles and about 30,000 fans with her performance at the Prince's Trust Urban Music Festival Saturday. A source told the paper she might be up for an honorary OBE. (That's Order of the British Empire, if you care.)

The source said: "She canceled a couple of dates on her Ladies First tour to do this. She loves Prince Charles because he represents all things British and she loves that.

"She insisted on bringing her entire entourage so she could do the show properly, and now they are talking about giving her some kind of honorary OBE."

We can just hear the Queen's speech now: "And for her contributions to the arts of ass-shaking and coining nonsense words, Miss Beyonce Knowles."


* Actress Kate Beckinsale and director Len Wiseman were married over the weekend.

The couple, who met while filming "Underworld," tied the knot in a small ceremony at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles. Beckinsale wore a Vera Wang dress.

* Blondie star Debbie Harry says she enjoys lesbian sex.

"I have had sexual relationships with women," the 58-year-old told Diva magazine, Britain's Sky News reported yesterday.

"I have had - and probably will still have - a pretty exotic lifestyle."

But the sexy bleached-hair starlet said she still prefers men.

"I am probably more heterosexual than I am homosexual," she said.

* It Girl Scarlett Johansson says that the rumors about an affair with the studly Benicio Del Toro are true.

The 19-year-old, who appeared oppposite Bill Murray in "Lost in Translation," tells Elle magazine that she and Del Toro, 37, hooked up in a hotel elevator after the Oscars.

"We were making out or having sex or something, which I think is very unsanitary," she said. "He's a fabulous guy."

Perhaps, but the fact that she doesn't seem to know if they actually had sex doesn't sound all that fabulous.

* New York Magazine is reporting that Parsons MFA student Joshua Kinberg is launching a "Boobs Against Bush" Web site, which will collect photos of women with messages like "More cleavage, less tax cuts" on their breasts.

Watch out, Bush. Everyone knows that when the nation's boobs turn against you, the end of the road is near.*

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