An expectant Julia Roberts awaits twins

Posted: June 02, 2004

Joy in the world! We're talking immeasurable, infinite, bottomless agape-style felicity: Julia Roberts is pregnant with twins.

According to reports in such hallowed publications as People mag, US Weekly, and Star mag - all of which have permanently replaced the Dostoyevsky and Kafka from our bedside table - the 36-year-old Oscar winner with the winningest smile this side of the Mona Lisa is nine weeks pregnant with what will be her and hubby Danny Moder's first kids. Star mag says it's a boy and a girl, citing an unnamed source. People says twins run in the Pretty Woman star's family, citing Roberts' rep, Marcy Engelman. We cite our heart: It's aflutter with blissful delight.

Kwame's out a second time

* Shocking behavior by Kwame Jackson has gotten The Apprentice runner-up booted off as a judge in the Miss Universe pageant.

Jackson's lurid act? According to a news release from NBC, which was due to broadcast the spectacle last night live from Quito, Ecuador, Jackson had "an inadvertent interaction with Miss Universe delegates."

The release doesn't specify the "interaction," leading those with more lascivious minds than ours to speculate about all the ways a 29-year-old man might interact with an international coterie of lovely and talented young gals.

Not so fast, pal: The New York Daily News says the incident wasn't wanton at all: Jackson waved at several contestants. But an NBC rep tells us via e-mail that the Harvard biz school graduate wasn't all that innocent: "He was seen introducing himself and conversing with several delegates." Pageant rules forbid judges to step foot in the women's hotel. Jackson, who admits he reviewed the rule book, transgressed that interdict.

"I am very disappointed and disheartened," Jackson says in true doofus mode. He says when he saw the contestants, "as a natural human response, I extended my hand to greet them." We are chagrined that we live in a society that so brutally vilifies natural human responses.

Paris' jeans

* Our quote of the day comes courtesy of a report by the New York Times about Paris Hilton's latest gig, hawking Guess jeans. Asked if she's following in the same footsteps as former Guess models CarrĀ Otis and Anna Nicole Smith, the iconic post-feminist illuminate says, "But I'm different from those girls. For one thing, I'm flat-chested."

Jell-O honors

* One of many side benefits of capitalism: Jell-O has a museum to love, honor and cherish the cultural history of America's love affair with the dessert. Yep, the museum, in Le Roy, N.Y. (near Rochester), was built in '97. And on Tuesday, it will honor Bill Cosby, whose 30 years hawking the dessert product makes him "the longest-tenured spokesperson in history." (Hail to the gods of marketing!) The kudos come with a special exhibit of radio recordings and TV clips featuring the commercial work that Cosby, Jack Benny, Lucille Ball and Jackie Cooper did to propel "the jiggly dessert into our hearts and homes." Info:

Born to . . . ride?

* Bruce Springsteen and wife Patti Scialfa were spotted Friday on the Main Line at the Devon Horse Show, watching daughter Jessica, 12, finish third in the large pony hunter category on her steed Liseter Clever Star, barned at Stone Hill Farm in Colts Neck, N.J. Jessie is a top junior rider; last year, she won her class at the Marshall & Sterling National Indoor Finals (atop a horse called Hidden Spring's Born to Flirt), and in February finished first in her class on Liseter Clever Star. After the show, the Springsteens had dinner on the patio of Restaurant Taquet in Wayne before overnighting at the Wayne Hotel.

'Palooza tix

* It's been nine years already for the famed alterna-rock fest, Lollapalooza. This year's circus at the Tweeter Center, Aug. 18 and 19, will feature some pretty hot music. Day one, with tickets at $40.50 and $55.50, features Sonic Youth, Morrissey, and PJ Harvey. Day two tickets cost $40.50 and $45.50 and will bring on The String Cheese Incident, Gomez and The Flaming Lips, among others. Or you can buy a two-day lawn pass for $50.50. Tickets go on sale Saturday at 10 a.m. Info: 215-336-2000, 856-338-9000, or

Bono yells at Europe

* In what has become an all-too-familiar sight, would-be Nobel Prize winner Bono addressed a roomful of politicians and chided them like an angry father. Yesterday the rock-star-turned-world-savior was at an informal European Union gathering in Dublin, excoriating EU ministers for not helping the world's poor, especially those in Africa.

The U2 front man said the union's member states had reneged on a promise to commit 0.7 percent of their gross domestic product to overseas aid. In an eloquent censure, he said the nations were "renegotiating [their] deal with God downwards."

"That's not the Europe I want to be in," he added. In its report, the Associated Press noted that Bono is one of Ireland's wealthiest individuals.

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Inquirer staff writer Michael Klein and wire services contributed to this column.

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