She's in a tizzy: Mom's a lesbian

Posted: June 11, 2004

In the frantic and farcical spirit of Pedro Almodvar, My Mother Likes Women is about three grown daughters of a Madrid concert pianist who comically conspire to break up their mother's affair with a classical musician young enough to be their sister.

The eldest and youngest of the siblings are merely disapproving of their elegant mother's new liaison. But middle sister Elvira (Leonor Watling, the comatose lovely of Almodvar's Talk to Her), plunges into an emotional tailspin. If Mom is a lesbian, what does that make her?

While the self-absorbed Elvira is not a particularly sympathetic character, Watling is irrepressible and irresistible, speaking supersonic Spanish when she gets flustered, which is frequently. Her performance supplies the bubble in this comedy that alternates between the effervescent and flat.

Filmmakers Daniela Fejerman and Ins Pars have two stories here and don't really unify them. One is the story of Elvira, so dizzy that she makes Annie Hall look steady. The other is the story of Elvira's mother, whose belated happiness in love is contagious, if only her daughters would stop being such selfish twits.

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My Mother Likes Women

** 1/2 (out of four stars)

Written and directed by Daniela Fejerman and Ins Pars, distributed by Norador Productions. With Leonor Watling, Rosa Mara Sard, and Eliska Sirov. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Running time: 1 hour, 36 mins.

Parent's guide: No MPAA rating (sexual candor, profanity)

Playing at: Ritz Five

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