Letters No One Has A Monopoly On Right Thinking

Posted: September 07, 2004

DANIEL SARAS' letter ("What kind of people . . .") unfortunately demonstrates a one-sided and perhaps naive perspective about war.

I don't disagree that the acts he points to (hiding in holy shrines, moving soldiers in ambulances, etc.) are despicable, but doesn't the phrase go "All's fair is love and war"?

Perhaps there are other questions, too, like what kind of people are so arrogant as to think their way is the right and only way? What kinds of people are so righteous that they rape, torture and kill detainees? Does it really matter which side I'm talking about?

War always brings out the worst in humanity. Bastardizing the Golden Rule to "Do unto other before they can do unto you" seems another casualty of this war. I hate to think that this is where the world is headed.

Dana Wickes, Glen Mills

Four less years

In recent commercials advertising the Republican National Convention, the voiceover indicated: "Is he [Bush] ready for four more years?"

I think the question should be, "Are WE ready for four more years?" - I think not!

Albert Whitehead, Philadelphia

Draft-dodger land

According to writer Abe Krieger, liberals are to blame for everything. He even goes so far as to complain about a free and uncensored press, crying that "liberals run most of the newspapers in this country." That's lucky for him, seeing as how his opinions are regularly printed on these pages.

With conservatives Karl Rove and Dick Cheney serving as "Bush's Brain," it's equally true that war-drum-beating draft dodgers are running the entire country. I'll take a free press over draft dodgers any day.

Mike Dobson, Woodbury, N.J.

Ban Ira - please

Every time you publish something about skanky Ira Einhorn, you are giving him what he wants, which is publicity. I don't care about Ira Einhorn and hope that he rots in jail. And I hope his fellow inmates learn that he called them stupid. If I never read another word about him, I would not be bereft.

Kate McShane, Philadelphia

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