LETTERS The tempest at Cardinal Dougherty

Posted: October 04, 2004

I GRADUATED from Cardinal Dougherty.

Then I spend eight years in the armed forces with every contingent of minority there is in this country. Everyone uses foul racial words against their own, and it is always OK. But if someone else outside the box even mentions one of those words, they apparently are wrong - and deserve punishment.

As your article indicated, Dougherty's athletic director did not use the "n-word" to express his own thoughts, he repeated the regretful use of it by others regarding the school's football team. And, once again, everyone in the cathouse tries to act like virgins.

Why is it, year in, year out, OK for blacks to use the "n-word" in describing members of their race that they do not like, but if anyone non-black even references it, they practically deserve to die?

It is total bull by people with too much free time on their hands.

Ethnically, I am a mutt. If I a raised a flag every time someone made a racial comment about people in my gene pool, I would have no time to do anything but sue people every week.

And shame on Dougherty's current principal for not having any guts!

Randy Booth


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