Letters Allen Iverson Grows Up On Smith's New Show

Posted: August 10, 2005

Anybody else watched the premiere of Stephen A. Smith's show, "Quite Frankly?" I tuned in, out of pure curiosity, and was delighted to see Allen Iverson. The interview was great and showed that Allen has truly grown up, for those who still don't believe it. He is always honest and sometimes blunt, but what was nice to see was his reaction to Larry Brown's complementary comments; A.I. almost cried.

This man is a rarity in the world of professional sports; even though he has grown, he has always been the same Allen Iverson.

Raashida Fleetwood, Philadelphia

What If?

Several weeks ago, the Daily News sports section had a special all week on what ifs. One of them, was "what if Joe Frazier beat Muhammad Ali."

First off, there is no what if. Muhammad Ali has and still does have the heart of a champion, and would have come out for the 15th round in the third Frazier fight. Joe was lucky to have Eddie Futch in his corner to stop that fight, or who knows what would have happened.

Joe Bascio

Fairless Hills


Hockey is back and with the new rules in place for a faster game you would think Bobby Clarke would go out and sign a few quick defenseman, right?

Ahhh, no, he goes out and signs three defenseman who are huge and are slow and are lumbering skaters. I can see one, particularly Derian Hatcher, but Chris Therien?

Wasn't it Chris Therien who couldn't skate with the puck?

Wasn't it Therien who would give the puck up at least once every game?

Looks like we have a whipping boy again here in the Flyers family.

Remember Doug Crossman? Remember Kerry Huffman? Remember Chris Therien? (Insert whipping sound here.)

K.C .Uber


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