'Brokeback' wins 4 British awards

Posted: February 21, 2006

YOU DON'T really think of England when you think of the Western aesthetic, but them Brits sure do like their cowboys.

At least their gay ones.

"Brokeback Mountain" was named best picture at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards Sunday night in London.

"Brokeback" also won for Ang Lee's direction, the adapted screenplay by Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana and best supporting actor for Jake Gyllenhaal.

In other BAFTA awards, Philip Seymour Hoffman ("Capote") was named best actor,

Reese Witherspoon ("Walk the Line") best actress, Thandie Newton ("Crash") best supporting actress. "Crash" also won best screenplay for writers Paul Haggis and Bobby Moresco.

"Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" was chosen as the outstanding British film of the year. "Pride & Prejudice" director Joe Wright won for special achievement by a British filmmaker in their feature-film debut.

Four-times-nominated George Clooney went home with nought. He got the shafta from BAFTA.

Tattle movie news

* If Sharon Stone can make a sequel to "Basic Instinct," Denise Richards and Neve Campbell can make a sequel to the cheesy B-movie thriller "Wild Things."

The Sun of London says that "Backstabbers" will be about a rich guy, a kidnapping and a double-cross.

Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon and Bill Murray are also expected to return.

* Ben Affleck is set for his directorial debut, and, thank goodness, it won't be that horrible idea of him remaking "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid" with Matt Damon.

Instead, The Hollywood Reporter says he'll direct brother Casey Affleck and newly minted Hollywood hot chick Michelle Monaghan ("Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," "Mission: Impossible 3") in his own adaptation of Dennis Lehane's Boston-based private eye novel "Gone, Baby, Gone."

Shooting starts this summer.

Mad Dash

Rap and movie impresario Damon Dash may send his son to the prestigious Dwight School off Central Park in Manhattan, but that doesn't mean daddy's gone soft.

When Dash recently learned that Damon Jr. had been harassed and his cell phone swiped, the New York Post's Page Six says Dash stopped by Dwight with a few of his boyz.

In no time, the cell phone had been found, a lesson had been taught and, perhaps most important, a lesson had been learned.


* Bono will donate one of his guitars to benefit Brazil's Zero Hunger campaign, the government's official news agency said yesterday.

The guitar will be auctioned off after U2's concerts this week in Sao Paulo's Morumbi soccer stadium.

Lenny Kravitz donated a guitar to the Zero Hunger program last year and it reportedly brought in $132,000.

* Former British glam rocker Gary Glitter, he of the ubiquitous "Rock & Roll (Part 2)," will stand trial March 2 in Vietnam on charges he committed obscene acts with two underage Vietnamese girls.

Glitter, 61, is accused of kissing and fondling a 10-year-old and 11-year-old and "engaging in other physical acts" at his rental home in the coastal resort city of Vung Tau last year.

If convicted, he faces three to seven years in prison.

Glitter (aka Paul Francis Gadd), has been in police custody since Nov. 19, when he was seized in Ho Chi Minh City trying to board a flight out of the country.

He was convicted in Britain in 1999 of possessing child pornography and served half of a four-month jail term. He later went to Cambodia and was permanently expelled in 2002, but Cambodian officials did not say why.

They, are, however, giving everyone three guesses.

* Since Tattle made a little joke at Justin Guarini's expense yesterday and his fans remained so well-behaved about it, we're going to take the suggestion from one of them and mention that Justin has released a new, light-jazz-flavored, independently produced CD called "Stranger Things Have Happened."

Get it at justinguarini.com.

* From Justin to Kelly:

Page Six reports that after the Grammys, Kelly Clarkson asked Madonna for a hug, but acknowledged "a handshake would be fine."

She got the hug and reportedly gushed:

"You're my idol. I wish I had your thighs."

How many men do you think have said that to Madonna?

* Britain's Sunday Mirror reports that Cameron Diaz cheated death after a bird crashed through her front windshield while traveling on the A3 highway in Surrey.

"There is no doubt that the chauffeur saved her life," a garage worker told the Mirror. "Other drivers would have panicked and lost control but he remained very cool.

"All you had to do was look at the damage to the [windshield] to realize there had been one hell of an impact."

Cameron Diaz cheats death? Could this merely be the trailer for "Final Destination 4"?

* Bavaria state Gov. Edmund Stoiber called Sunday for German movie theaters to cancel the Turkish action film "Valley of the Wolves in Iraq," which shows U.S. troops killing and capturing Iraqi civilians.

According to the Bild am Sonntag newspaper, Stoiber said the movie was racist and could stir animosity between Islam and the West.

"This irresponsible film doesn't foster integration, but rather hatred and mistrust toward the West," Stoiber said.

As if we're all getting along so well now. *

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