Clergy to march against violence

Posted: May 19, 2006

It's time, says the Rev. Anthony Floyd, for ministers, evangelists, pastors, and anyone else who believes that spiritual intervention can turn the tide of violence sweeping the city, to be seen, and heard.

So beginning at 1 p.m. tomorrow, he and what he hopes will be hundreds of others will march and pray in support of the victims and in protest of the unconscionable killings. The march will start at St. Elizabeth Community Center, 1845 N. 23rd St., and weave through several blocks of North Philadelphia before ending where it started.

"This is just the first march," said Floyd, president and chief executive of the Philadelphia Council of Clergy, which he says has about 400 members of different faiths and denominations.

"We will do this once a month for as long as necessary," he promised, "because the community is getting fed up. They're tired of all the violence, and there's been a problem getting the clergy out into the street to show they are just as concerned."

Floyd says "people of all faiths" should be doing more, and are expected to do more, but their presence has been missing when it comes to a public, open statement of support for victims, and outrage at the level of violence.

"I know that pastors are involved in other things in their community and that many of them work because they aren't supported financially by their church," he said, "but they have to understand that when the clergy gets behind something, it can make a difference."

If you go: The march and rally starts at 1 p.m. at the St. Elizabeth Community Center at 1845 N. 23rd St.

For more information call: 215-223-4979.

All faiths and denominations are welcome.*

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