Why can't Barry Bonds catch a break on sports-talk radio?

Posted: June 07, 2006

AS AN African-American who listens to sports-talk radio, I often wonder where is the diversity and difference of opinion when African-American athletes like Barry Bonds are constantly ridiculed.

The majority of callers say Bonds should have an asterisk next to his name for breaking Babe Ruth's record after allegations that Bonds may have used steroids.

How come these callers never say there should be an asterisk next to Ruth's name because he didn't play against African-American athletes?

It is no coincidence that these sports-radio callers sound similar to the people who would ridicule Jackie Robinson for being the first African- American to play major league baseball.

Times change; people don't.

Stuart M. Burgh Jr., Philadelphia

The Aaron patrol

Aaron Rowand deserves his own fan club. I realize these clubs are based on a twist on a player's name: Sal's Pals, Ryan's Hawaiians, the Wolfpack and the Duckpond are a few.

My suggestion: His loyalists can call themselves Aaron's Barons. They can put on funny red pilot's hats, goggles and a Phillies cape. They can help him patrol the outfield from enemy missiles (batted balls). How's that for a hook?

Ed Heston, Pine Hill, N.J.

Size doesn't matter

After watching the first game of the Stanley Cup finals, I wonder why the Flyers can't seem to acquire a player with heart and soul like Rod Brind'Amour?

Wait, at one time he did wear a Flyers' uniform! Why is it apparent to everyone except Ed Snider and Bob Clarke that speed and skill and heart and soul (not size) make championship teams?

Helen Dowling, Philadelphia

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