Strike Back At Purveyors Of Those Awful T-shirts

Posted: August 28, 2006

THANK YOU very much for your article "Think it's funny?" (Aug. 21), in which you bring a major problem in our communities to the forefront.

Too many people don't understand how entrenched the "crime = cool" culture is in our communities in Philadelphia. To quote Will Smith: "Just because you can do it doesn't mean that you should do it. Did you take time to think about all the seeds you ruin?"

I think that we must stand up and speak out against stores and shops that are preying on our children. So I ask that the Daily News print the names, locations and phone numbers of all the stores that sell these T-shirts. I recommend a boycott of the stores that think they can take advantage of our children for their own selfish gain.

Brandon Coleman, Philadelphia

The real Schiavo message

Re Michael Smerconish's Aug. 24 column:

The ghost of Terri Schiavo? Hasn't this poor woman's name been through enough? Michael Schiavo is now making a mockery out of the decision to end his wife's life. Michael, you sound like an angry man. But what are you angry about? You got what you wanted. The courts agreed to end the life of your wife. You are free to move on now.

Do you think the Democrats really care about your beliefs? If you do, then I have some swampland in Florida I want you to look at.

The Republicans weren't looking for a fight. They were trying to save your wife's life. They did everything they could. But ultimately you won. I hope you can sleep well knowing that your wife was not left to die - rather she was executed.

Kenneth Carchidi, Philadelphia

The brothel next door

Mark Simms (letters, Aug. 24) believes casinos could be a big improvement along the waterfront because there hasn't been proper development there for years. That is like saying that you'd rather have a brothel on your block than an abandoned house. Something is not always better than nothing.

Robert C. Blackburn, President

Whitman Council NAC Member

Riverfront Communities United

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