Big Five extends its format to 2009-10 Also, director Paul Rubincam has retired but will stay on as a special consultant.

Posted: September 13, 2006

The Big Five announced yesterday that the schools had reached an agreement to extend the round-robin format for men's and women's basketball for four years, through the 2009-10 season.

The group also announced that its director for the last 10 years, former Penn athletic director Paul Rubincam, had retired from the position but would continue as a special consultant to the Big Five. Every year, one of the Big Five athletic directors will serve as chairman. Temple AD Bill Bradshaw will be in that role in 2006-07. Assistant director Meaghann Schulte will run the Big Five office on a day-to-day basis.

"This agreement keeps alive one of college basketball's richest traditions," Bradshaw said in a statement.

"The spirit of camaraderie in the city of Philadelphia among the five schools is unique, and one to be celebrated and cherished."

At least four of the 10 games on the 2006-07 Big Five men's schedule will be played at one of the nation's most historic arenas, the Palestra. The first Big Five game of the men's season will be Dec. 2, when Penn hosts Villanova.

The annual men's basketball tripleheaders held at the Palestra for the last five years have been discontinued.

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Big Five Schedules


Dec. 2 Villanova at Penn (P)

Dec. 23 Villanova at La Salle

Dec. 30 Temple at Villanova

Jan. 10 St. Joseph's at Temple

Jan. 18 Penn at La Salle

Jan. 24 Temple at Penn (P)

Jan. 27 Penn at St. Joseph's (P)

Feb. 4 La Salle at Temple

Feb. 6 St. Joseph's at Villanova

Feb. 10 St. Joseph's at La Salle (P)


Nov. 14 La Salle at Villanova

Nov. 21 La Salle at Penn

Dec. 3 Villanova at Penn

Dec. 22 Temple at Villanova

Dec. 29 Temple at Penn

Jan. 3 Villanova at St. Joseph's

Jan. 12 La Salle at St. Joseph's

Jan. 24 Penn at St. Joseph's

Jan. 28 Temple at St. Joseph's

Feb. 12 La Salle at Temple

P¬Ěthe Palestra

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