Q and A With Greg Lewis A friend of Owens' maintains warm ties

Posted: October 07, 2006

Wide receiver Greg Lewis scored two touchdowns in a game for the first time in his career in the Eagles' 31-9 victory over the visiting Green Bay Packers on Monday night.

Lewis, 26, who became the No. 1 receiver last season after Terrell Owens was booted off the team following the seventh game, was not considered a sure bet to make the Eagles out of training camp this season.

But the fourth-year receiver had a solid camp, and has nine receptions for 155 yards and the two touchdowns in the first four games.

Now Owens is coming back to town with the Dallas Cowboys for tomorrow's 4:15 p.m. matchup. Lewis was among Owens' best friends on the Eagles.

This week, he talked about his friendship with Owens, tomorrow's game, and his role with the Birds.

Question: Have you spoken to T.O. this week?

Answer: I have talked to him on and off this season, not just this week. He was at my wedding in Chicago this off-season. . . . To me, he's a good person. Some people may try to make it more than it is and might not be willing to deal with him in certain situations. I mean, everybody has his faults. Nobody is perfect. He has been great to me and I don't have anything wrong with him.

Q: Did T.O. teach you a lot, football-wise, as a wide receiver?

A: He and Pink [Todd Pinkston] and James Thrash have probably been the most influential with me coming up as a receiver with this organization. James and Pink were here when I came to the Eagles, and taught me how to be a professional - to come in and be on time. . . . And once T.O. got here, it was T.O. and Pink helping me out in running routes, how to get off bump coverage. T.O. knows a lot of the ins and outs of the receiving position. He was out there with Jerry Rice in San Francisco, and they had that great coaching staff and they taught him a lot, and he brought that with him when he came here, and he was willing to share that with us. . . . Regardless of what else goes on, when he comes on the football field, it's all business and all work. He's one of the best professionals at that position. And to have him at practice every day and to be able to pick his brain, it did nothing but make us better.

Q: Was it extra special scoring two touchdowns on Monday Night Football?

A: Honestly, it is fun to get touchdowns, don't get me wrong. I don't want to downplay scoring touchdowns, because you always want to score, but it's not as big to me as everybody wants it to be. Any time you score a touchdown, it's big because you may not have a touchdown for eight weeks after that. As long as you are helping the team win in some fashion, it doesn't matter to me.

Q: You were a walk-on at the University of Illinois and didn't even start as a senior. Then you weren't drafted. Do you feel as if you have to prove yourself all the time?

A: That is the mentality I take with me from high school, because I didn't get recruited out of high school. I had a visit to go to Minnesota. I remember I was supposed to go on a Saturday and the dude came to my school on Friday and said, "We signed somebody else and won't bring you in." Ever since then, I thought I had to prove myself day in and day out. It's been giving me extra motivation to go out and do what I know I'm capable of doing regardless of what people say or they think.

Q: When Dallas plays the Eagles, there seems to be a different feeling. Is that accurate?

A: It's not a different feeling for me. From the Philadelphia fans and the media and all this, it's a different feeling. I wasn't brought up on the Dallas Cowboys rivalry, so I'm not, "Oh, it's the Cowboys." I could care less. It's like playing the Texans to me. But it's a big deal for the fans and the community and the players, I guess. You get a little extra motivation. But it's more motivation because it's a division game and we are 0-1 in the division.

Q: The Eagles have lost seven consecutive NFC East games, including one this year. Does that make this game a must win?

A: Every game is a must win for me.

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