What, me run? The Brady ploy

Posted: January 04, 2007

Rep. Bob Brady (D., Pa.), long a suspect in the mayor's race, announced today the publication of his new book, titled If I Did Run.

"I'm not admitting that I'm running," Brady said at a packed news conference. "This book merely spells out how I think the deed would be carried out if I did run."

Copies of Brady's book will be on the shelves next week. An advance copy obtained by The Inquirer reveals that Brady, if he did run, would wage an aggressive grassroots effort consisting primarily of offering voters "really nice free food."

The book is to be printed by controversial (and now unemployed) publisher Judith Regan, who recently attempted a collaboration with celebrity athlete O.J. Simpson.

"Bob Brady, in his own words, tells for the first time how he would execute a mayoral campaign if he were the one responsible for it," Regan said in a written statement. "I consider this book to be Bob Brady's confession."

Although suspicion in the mayor's race has focused on Brady for months, incriminating papers have never been filed. Brady has maintained his innocence, even bewilderment, and insisted that he is busy searching for the real candidates.

Mayoral candidate Michael Nutter, a former city councilman, said Brady shouldn't be allowed to get away with such a coy ploy.

"For Bob Brady to profit off of running for mayor, while he's never admitted that he's running for mayor, is unconscionable," Nutter said. "Not only does this book prove premeditation, but it points the finger of suspicion at Brady for bumping off Jonathan Saidel."

Saidel, the former city controller, disappeared mysteriously from the mayor's race weeks ago after telling friends he had everything to run for.

Regan denied that she was paying Brady, the city's Democratic chairman, for the book. "I was told the money was going to his ward leaders," she said. "I could live with that."

After announcing the publication of his book, Brady refused to take questions from the media. He left the event to attend a fund-raiser in his honor.

Just in case he does run.

Dave Boyer is a member of The Inquirer Editorial Board.

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