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Posted: February 14, 2007

AS ROUND-THE-CLOCK "Death of Anna Nicole" coverage enters Day 6, it's time for the 911 call to be released.

Of course, there's something odd about it.

There's Anna Nicole Smith passed out in her hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on the tribe's reservation in Florida, and the first call for help goes not to emergency services, but to the Seminole Police Department. It's those officers who arrived on the scene and then made the 31-second 911 call for paramedics.

"She's not breathing, and she's not responsive. She's, um, actually Anna Nicole Smith," the policewoman is heard saying, in asking for help in Room 607.

"Oh, OK," a woman at the Hollywood Police Department responds.

Officials say they were on the scene six minutes after the call. Anna Nicole was pronounced dead about an hour later.

Hollywood Police Capt. Tony Rode pushed all media attention toward the reservation.

"This investigation belongs to the Seminole Police Department," he said.

The initial emergency call to the Seminole police was not released; the Seminoles are a sovereign Indian nation and not subject to state open-government laws.

Smith's partner, Howard K. Stern, wasn't with her when she died, but he had been there that morning, and he knew she was very sick, his sister Bonnie Stern said. Smith had been running a fever of 105 degrees, and a nurse was "icing her down" earlier that day, she said.

"When he left her, she was sleeping," Bonnie said.

Howard K. had been gone only about two hours when news reached him that Anna Nicole was dead, his sister said.

Bonnie, who recently traveled from her Beverly Hills home to the Bahamas to comfort Howard K., said he had tried to get Anna Nicole to visit a doctor but she had refused because she was afraid that it would draw publicity.

If she was trying to avoid publicity, seeing the doctor would have been the better move.

"They had plans to get a yacht and to buy an engagement ring. They were going to get married Feb. 27. It was going to be a real marriage," she said.

Asked what she thought had caused Anna Nicole's death, Bonnie (who to the best of our knowledge is not a doctor) said: "Her immunity was so low. She was so depressed. She kept getting sick and her body just probably broke down."

* Alex Goen, founder and

chief exec of TrimSpa, who has his own troubles, knew Smith well from working with her as a company spokesmodel and said she suffered from social anxiety, even after years in the spotlight.

"She was clearly incredibly misunderstood," Goen told CBS' "The Early Show" yesterday.

When leeches collide

So when did Anna Nicole meet Howard K.? According to his sister, it was in 1996, when Anna Nicole was referred to his law firm.

"He started doing her legal work and then he became her confidant. They became best friends and then he fell in love with her," she said.

Howard K. is listed on a birth certificate as the father of Anna Nicole's baby girl, but that and a token will get you a SEPTA ride. Coincidentally, he's also the executor of Anna Nicole's will, he said on "Entertainment Tonight," and that will leave everything to Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern etc. etc. etc.

The favorite, however, in the paternity poll is not Howard K., but photographer Larry Birkhead, who told the New York Daily News that he and Anna Nicole had meticulously planned for the birth - probably a lot more meticulously than they planned for the conception. After they broke up, however, he was pushed to the side, he said.

"Howard has never liked me and he never wanted me and Anna to be together," Birkhead told the Daily News.

Birkhead recounted how he had tried to save Smith from her risky lifestyle and that's why she left him early last summer.

But Bonnie Stern, sticking up for her sibling, said "there were times of some intimacy" between Birkhead and Anna Nicole, but he "was not her boyfriend."

Your brother the enabler? Prince Frederic von Anhalt? Bodyguard Alex Denk? What about Bahamian immigration minister Shane Gibson?

After a newspaper ran pics of Anna Nicole and Gibson in bed (clothed, but embracing), Gibson predictably denied that his friendship with Anna Nicole had influenced his decision to grant her permanent residency.

(A little-known Bahamian custom is that when you apply for residency, the Cabinet minister in charge of immigration lies on a bed with you.)

Gibson said he and his family became especially close to Anna Nicole after her son died in September. "Whenever a stranger is in need, I find it very difficult to turn my back," he said. Especially if Anna Nicole is hogging the covers.

Meanwhile, Cassius Stuart, leader of the Bahamas Democratic Movement, said Gibson has "shamed" the Bahamas and called for him to resign.

Howard K., however, is sticking up for Gibson, saying he and his family supported Smith after her son died.

"They came to the house to pray with us on too many occasions to count," Stern said in a statement released by "Entertainment Tonight."

See, Anna Nicole wasn't wasted. She was talking in tongues.

Paging Dr. House . . . has another possibility about Anna Nicole's cause of death: The work done on her breasts. And not by all those lovers. By doctors.

Some medics believe she had her breasts enhanced and repaired too soon after giving birth to Dannielynn and may have had a bad reaction to her post-op meds and painkillers mixing with her usual cocktail of prescriptions.

"To take so many different drugs is unhealthy," Dr. Sarah Jarvis told Britain's Daily Mirror. "Some anti-depressants can cause heart problems after surgery. Valium can cause respiratory problems.

"If an unfit person has surgery and takes drugs, it's possible they would have complications."

The Star, meanwhile, has peeked inside the medicine cabinet and reports that the prescription meds Xanax, Vicodin, Methadone and Provigil (a stimulant) were found in Anna Nicole's hotel room. Tox reports will soon say if they also were found in her body.

Paging Quincy, M.E.

While Anna Nicole lies in a Florida morgue, a battle is brewing over what to do with her.

Sources tell that Anna's mother, Virgie Arthur, wants to claim the body ASAP to bury her.

Also in the mix is Larry Birkhead, whose paternity claim gives him some legal rights over the body. If Birkhead releases that hold, Anna Nicole's peeps will provide him a sample of her DNA.

Her DNA, however, is not the issue. And they have not agreed to provide a DNA sample of Dannielynn.

As for Howard K., it's unlikely he'll get to make this call. With no marriage license or blood tie, it looks like Anna Nicole will end up leaving with mama. *

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