We need a taste of '51

Posted: March 12, 2007

WHERE ARE the Philly Republicans?

Crime, corruption, taxes, school violence. Pick your issue. They should be holding protests around the city. Are there any city Republicans willing to stand up and fight and talk about these issues?

You're going to be outspent, so you better start early. It might even be fun.

It is embarrassing to watch the press talk about the next mayor and not even mention the Republicans, who controlled the city for 67 years before being swept out in a clean-up-the-government campaign called Sweep Them Out.

To have a government reform campaign, you first have to speak up! Have some faith that the cycle is coming around, and soon.

City Democrats have been in control for 57 years, since 1951. Republicans controlled Philadelphia before they became so corrupt there were indictments happening in all levels of city and state government.

The party bosses who kept everything together for years were finally was losing control.

The downfall in 1951 came because the party was arrogant and corrupt. Sound familiar?

I would just like to hear from both sides how to solve the crime, corruption , tax and school problems in Philadelphia. The voters should think a little deeper about the party system in Philadelphia.

Everyone running in this election has been around while these problems have gotten worse, not better. Demand more information. How about a preliminary city budget from each mayoral candidate before we vote, to really see where they stand? It would be good practice for all of them.

Finally, to the media: Try not to be biased too early. The same thing happened before the election of 1951. The press went out of their way to protect the Republicans.

All the politicians were their friends, and gave them access.

We have some of that going on today 57 years later.

Mark Cumberland


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