'American Idol,' recap and forecast

Posted: March 20, 2007

Eleven hopefuls take the stage for tonight's two-hour "American Idol," singing pop selections from the '60s British Invasion. Just to reorient you, we bring you TV columnist Jonathan Storm's recap of last week and TV editor David Hiltbrand's prediction for this week.

Sanjaya survived!

Brandon Rogers sang first and got canned. Based solely on his performance, you can't fault the choice. It's especially surprising that a professional backup singer (he's crooned with Christina) would forget the words to "You Can't Hurry Love."

It don't come easy, Brandon.

In sideshow news: We'll just have to wait to see how long Sanjaya keeps on hanging on. His many constituencies couldn't elevate him from the bottom three - all guys, what a surprise.

Diana Ross Week seemed to put pressure on the contestants. Most were determined to avoid direct diva comparison, so they chose more obscure tunes that made the performances less fun than they could have been.

The star herself looked better than she has in years. But as a singer, her "More Today Than Yesterday" showed she had just the opposite. She'd have a tough time winning on Idol, even in this subpar group.

Next week: Look for Melinda and Lakisha to keep rolling along, more boys to make the walk of shame, and don't discount appearance. You might see Phil losing, by a hair.

Dave on Demand's 'Idol' Pick

Haley Scarnato had topped the endangered list, but her revealing top won her a flock of new fans last week. For her it matters less how she sings than how she dresses. Sanjaya is due for a good performance, earning him a brief stay of execution. Phil is vulnerable, but Chris Sligh, getting more bland by the week, is my surprise choice to leave.

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