Penn Manor students ejected from last week's Gratz game

Three or four males were removed after repeated warnings to stop taunting players.

Posted: March 22, 2007

Several Penn Manor students were ejected from the PIAA Class AAAA boys' basketball quarterfinal game between the Comets and Simon Gratz on March 14 at Coatesville.

According to Coatesville athletic director Brian Chenger, three or four male Penn Manor students were thrown out by security after repeated warnings to end their taunting of Gratz players during the game.

The students were seated in the Penn Manor student section close to the court and across from the team benches. Some of the insults were believed to include racial slurs.

"I can't say they were racial," Chenger said. "They were certainly inappropriate. I recall more taunting than anything racial."

There have been a few isolated incidents of racially insensitive comments directed at Public League teams since they joined the PIAA more than three years ago.

PIAA executive director Brad Cashman said the PIAA was informed of the episode immediately after the game. As of Tuesday, he had yet to receive a report from Penn Manor principal Janice Mindish on any possible further disciplinary action.

"From what I understand, the problem was addressed, and it was addressed rather quickly," Cashman said. "But it's something we don't ever tolerate."

Gratz beat Penn Manor, 67-46.

"You have to give the Gratz players a lot of credit for playing through that," Chenger said. "And obviously it didn't affect them much, because they won."

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