Ninth-grade only high schools in Phila.

Posted: March 23, 2007

New Philadelphia high schools offering ninth grade:

Academy at Palumbo

Location: 1122 Catharine St.

Principal: Adrienne Wallace-Chew

Basics: Ninth grade, 115 students in 2006-07; ninth and 10th in 2007-08. In 2010, total enrollment will be 500 in grades nine to 12; $1.5 million budget.

Points of Pride: Small academic school modeled after the college prep curriculum at Central High. In 2007-08 will offer honors and advanced courses in English, math, science and history; 16 after-school clubs including intramural, JV and varsity sports; community partners; students do 40 hours of community service.


Location: 18 S. Seventh St.

Principal: Thomas R. Davidson

Basics: Each year adds an incoming freshman class. In the 2007-08 school year it will be a grades 9-10 school and by 2009-10 will be 9-12; Enrollment (2006-07): 96 ninth graders; $1.6 operating budget.

Points of Pride: The high school has been created through a collaboration and partnership with significant civic and cultural institutions. The school takes advantage of the City of Philadelphia's unparalleled historical setting and resources by creating an educational program that emphasizes a knowledge of history, active citizenship and Democratic deliberation.

Stephen A. Douglas*

Location: 2700 E. Huntingdon St.

Principal: Patricia Parson

Program: Academic and work-based learning

Science Leadership Academy*

Location: 2130 Arch St.

Principal: Chris Lehmann

Program: In partnership with the Franklin Institute; rigorous college-preparatory program focusing on science, mathematics, technology and entrepreneurship. Students pursue inquiry-driven, project-based learning with emphasis on research, collaboration, presentation and reflection.

High School of the Future*

Location: 4021 Parkside Ave.

Principal: Shirley P. Grover

Program: Collaboration between district and Microsoft Corp., the school has state of the art technology and aims to become 21st century learning environment.

*Source: School District of Philadelphia

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