Jaws in, Theismann out at 'MNF'

Posted: March 26, 2007

PHILLY'S OWN RON JAWORSKI is apparently going to replace Joe Theismann as the lead analyst on ESPN's "Monday Night Football."

They both can talk but why not use a guy with the nickname, "Jaws." Plus it's better to listen to a former Eagles quarterback than a former Redskins QB any day. According to the New York Times, ESPN will announce today that Theismann has been dismissed from "MNF" but offered another job at the network. Theismann had been an analyst on ESPN's "Sunday Night Football" from 1988 to 2005.

In a Newsday report, Theismann said he would withhold comment "until I fully understand what has taken place."

Newsday reported that Theismann was informed of the move on Friday.

Jaworski, who quarterbacked the Eagles from 1977-86, is currently the president of the Soul of the Arena Football League.

He has experience doing studio work at ESPN and will, like Theismann, be paired with Tony Kornheiser.

With friends like this . . .

Detroit's Rasheed Wallace didn't play yesterday when the Pistons took on Milwaukee.

Why? Well, the former Simon Gratz star

received his 18th technical foul of the season in Friday's loss to San Antonio for arguing a call, triggering an automatic one-game suspension.

You would think that after 18 technicals, Pistons coach Flip Saunders would be a tad ticked off. And he is - but at the referees, not Wallace.

"I wish they would review the whole 48 [minutes]," Saunders said. "If they're going to give him a 'T' for that, there should have been about four others called at least."

So let's review: Rasheed should now have

22 technicals instead of 18?

That's telling 'em Flip. *

- Tom Mahon

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