Commer Glass: Another view

Posted: March 28, 2007

JOHN GRANT'S op-ed defense of Commer Glass does a disservice to all veterans who suffer the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder.

John Grant is an editor of the Veterans for Peace newsletter, in which Mr. Glass admits that he killed two Vietnamese prostitutes, plus an unarmed woman and her baby, before he murdered his ex-girlfriend.

Mr. Grant's defense of the indefensible diminishes the ability of average combat vets to gain the support they need for being made whole. If Mr. Grant were to check, he would learn that it took a dozen years of lobbying to get PTSD recognized, and the last quarter-century to get PTSD treated and compensated at basic levels.

Mr. Grant was conned by a con doing life in Graterford. A jury of his peers agreed with D.A. Lynne Abraham that he also killed his ex-girlfriend.

To compare Commer Glass with the Iraq vet on your block, or the Afghanistan vet in your neighborhood who are suffering from PTSD is a major setback to our 40-year effort to win justice for hundreds of thousands of our combat vets.

There is very limited congressional funding for the Veterans Administration. Unfortunately, the hundreds of VA issues force our wounded PTSD veterans to compete for this limited funding.

The series of horrific atrocities committed by self-admitted murderer Commer Glass are facts.

Mr. Grant, by sympathizing with a sociopath like Mr. Glass, arms the foes of our veterans with anecdotal excuses to underfund our traumatized, passive, non-violent and oft-times suicidal combat veterans.

Grant and Glass provide congressional "entitlement-cutters" the cover they need to rob veterans of their care and well-deserved benefits.

PTSD is NOT a Get Out of Jail FREE card !

Bill Perry

Executive Director

Delaware Valley Veterans

For America

Levittown, Pa.

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