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Posted: April 01, 2007

David A. Stockman's rise and fall give new meaning to the term "trickle down" - a phrase associated with the Reagan-era tax-cut policy that Stockman once championed. The former White House budget director now stands accused of fraud in the financial collapse of auto-parts supplier Collins & Aikman Corp. He says he did nothing wrong. The Web fills in history on Stockman and the times that made his name a household word.

Reagan's life. In 1981, Stockman enters this PBS time line of the life of Ronald Reagan and the budget-whacking axman taking aim at Social Security (which Reagan had vowed not to cut) and other programs. The time line is a delightful tour of the late president's life and times.


Presidential papers. Looking for more on the subject of presidents and their times, we happened to find this site - the collected public papers of all the commanders in chief from Washington to the second Bush.

Bioguide. The biographical directory of the U.S. Congress gives a sketch of Stockman, a former Michigan representative. The brief bio, curiously, ends in 1988, when Stockman was a managing director at Salomon Bros. Inc.


By the way, the congressional "bioguide" is always handy for a quick study of any member, going back to the First Continental Congress, in 1774, whose members included budding revolutionaries George Washington, Patrick Henry and John Adams.

Reagan vs. Clinton. In this 1997 "e-mail debate" at Slate.com, writers Dinesh D'Souza and E.J. Dionne dialogued on the perceived successes and failures of Reaganomics. The two discuss which Stockman was right - the backer, or the trasher of supply-side economics.

Reagan band. It's a recurring event that we find a rock group bearing the same name as our weekly search. The Reagan Years is an '80s tribute band from Maryland. Big-hair band fans can check this site for the clever, nostalgic sound clips, and appearance dates.

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