Multiple champs in each sport possible

Posted: April 23, 2007

When Public and Catholic league honchos said last December that their blending for PIAA purposes would bring about a return of the City Titles series, they weren't kidding.

Are you ready for multiple "city champs" in each sport?

Robert Coleman, chairman of District 12 - which for now is limited to the Public League but is expected to include the Catholic League for 2008-09 (after a paper-only year of membership) - said there will be City Title meetings in each classification within each sport.

They will help determine seeding for state playoffs. As of now, no CL schools are Class A in enrollment. So, there would be no City Titles in that grouping.

One downer about the new setup: League champs will not always bang heads to determine which team is truly the "best" in the city. That'll be the case with situations in which champs represent different classifications.

Coleman said he has met twice already with specific CL officials (fall sports, then winter sports) to address assorted issues, and that he'll soon attend the league's annual meeting of all athletic directors.

How to determine seeds beyond No. 2 must still be discussed.

The City Title series, which began with football in 1938 and eventually came to include all boys' sports, lasted through the basketball game of 1980.

Lurline Jones, recently retired as University City's girls' basketball coach, went to court in an attempt to bring about girls' contests. CL officials responded by nixing that idea and shutting down the series. *

- Ted Silary

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