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Posted: May 31, 2007

Your dental insurance co-pay may be depressing your intake of JuJy Fruits. But you can still get the same visual kick from these plastic cocktail ice cubes (filled with distilled water). Guaranteed not to water down your mai tai, or melt in the picnic salad. Twenty-four to the pack; in tropical lemon, lime and orange.

- Rick Nichols

Cocktail ice cubes, $4.95 for 24, Crate and Barrel stores,

Wild salmon

The first runs of wild-caught king (chinook) and sockeye salmon are coming from Alaska's Copper River and other northwestern waterways to select markets and restaurants. Shipped daily by air, the fattest, most flavorful salmon of the summer spawning season are already on local menus. For home grilling, look for the vibrant orange-pink fillets of wild-caught salmon at area Wegmans stores and Whole Foods markets.

- Marilynn Marter

Prices fluctuate; wild-caught king salmon sold last week at $25 a pound, sockeye at $20 a pound, at Wegmans.

Iced oolong

Bottled oolong tea is an Asian staple that drew interest in the U.S. when researchers touted its benefits for health and weight loss, effects resulting in part from a higher metabolic rate among oolong drinkers. Credit too the absence of calories, sugar, artificial colorings and such that make this drink more healthful than the sugary soft drinks that fill the market. A bonus is a day's dose of vitamin C in each bottle.

- M.M.

Suntory Oolong Tea Drink, 16.9 oz., $2.25. At Tampopo 2, 719 Sansom (215-238-9373) and Tampopo 1,

104 S. 21st Street (215-557-9593).

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