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Posted: June 10, 2007

Its stock markets took some recent hits, but China's economy remains a phenomenon. We looked into Web sites for keeping track of the tiger, and even for beginning to learn the language.

Digital Times. A blog-style scroll of breaking news on China's economy comes from wire services and individual contributors. When we visited, there were reports on China's heated market for luxury goods, and the forced displacement of 1.5 million Beijing residents for the 2008 Olympics.

Shanghai exchange. The roaring Shanghai bourse has a Web site, but don't go there expecting to find out a lot about China's hottest stock market. The English translations are oblique, the latest "quarterly" newsletters posted are from August and December, and the downloadable "Fact Book" is for 2005.

Fact monster. This brief article on the Chinese economy is part of the encyclopedia entry on China at Fact Monster, a student-oriented reference Web site from the Information Please publishers.

Chinese yuan. The yuan is the basic unit of Chinese currency, worth about 13 cents when we checked this exchange-rate site. Trade experts deemed it a positive milestone last month when the yuan's value rose enough to make fewer than eight of them equal a dollar.

Get a look at the colorful yuan - with a smiling Chairman Mao on the 20, 50 and 100 yuan notes - here:


Learn Chinese. We signed up here to get a free daily e-mail with a lesson in Mandarin Chinese. Sound clips are included. The site's come-on is to "start winning those multi-million-dollar business deals in China." OK. In a year, we ought to know 365 words.


The BBC offers this online introduction to Mandarin:

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