Flyers' fans hot to trot

Posted: June 12, 2007

SURE WAYS TO detect Flyers fans:

They're wearing their tattered Bobby

Clarke sweaters.

They're not wearing their dented Eric Lindros sweaters.

They break into a chorus of "God Bless

America" at peculiar times.

They think the '87 pregame brawl with the Canadiens is

the team's third greatest

highlight (grudingly beating

out the second Stanley Cup

win, which was expected).

They think the Flyers are

going to win the Cup next year. And why wouldn't they?

Then, there's horse owners and breeders Conny Svensson and Anneli Jansson, of East Windsor, N.J.,

who also are big Flyers' fans.

They show their allegiance in a unique way,

by naming their equine offspring after the

players. "Captain Primeau" is a trotter who made his debut Friday at the Hippodrome de Montreal and won the 1-mile trot. He paid $4.00, $5.70 and $2.70.

Conny says Captain Primeau is the brother

"of another horse we have named Brind'Amour, who did quite well for us."

Of course he is.

"I e-mailed [Keith] Primeau and told him about the horse and he e-mailed me back. He seemed flattered that we named the horse after him," Conny said. "He said he had watched the race

[on the Internet] and he wants to come down and see the horse. He seemed to have a genuine interest. We're bringing the horse [to Freehold Raceway] in August so maybe we'll see him then."

We expect Captain Primeau to be a winner, much like his namesake. Keith Primeau was a tough, fierce captain and leader, in the old-school Flyers' mold. Since he retired last September

after being unable to get medical clearance after sustaining a concussion, the Flyers struggled to their worst season ever.

There were plenty of factors, and blame, but without their captain, the Flyers appeared lost, and running around in circles. *

- Chuck Bausman

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