Dan Gross | Feeley-Mitts split is official - and maybe on the mend

Posted: June 18, 2007

SOCCER PHENOM Heather Mitts finally revealed Friday that she and Eagles quarterback A.J. Feeley split up months ago.

But the U.S. Women's Soccer star says they may be in the process of reconciling.

"We broke up in March and have been free to do whatever," Mitts confirmed. In April, she laughed off rumors that the couple had parted.

"It's been hard for both of us with the long distance and other factors. Everybody makes mistakes and we love each other very much," Mitts e-mailed us Friday. They're getting together this week to "figure out what's best for us in the long run."

With his freedom, Feeley has been spied of late making out with hotties at La Costa in Sea Isle City and picking up girls at the Public House Logan Square.

Reached Friday, Feeley declined to discuss his relationship with Mitts, saying "it's not a public deal." Meanwhile, Mitts continues to recuperate from recent surgery to repair a torn ACL, the same injury that Donovan McNabb is recovering from.

Power's Uncle O bashes the Beat

Suspended Power 99 host Uncle O has lashed out at hosts from rival station 100.3 the Beat via - where else? - MySpace.

As we recently reported, Uncle O, aka Tracy Jackson, was ordered to face a preliminary hearing on aggravated-assault charges after he allegedly pulled a gun on Club Samba (7th & Girard) owner Justin Love earlier this month. The host, whose station's motto is "Peace on the Streets," has a hearing Aug. 6.

In a MySpace bulletin, Jackson, addressing all his "real ni--az and ladies" wrote "f--- 100.3 The Beat cuz a ni--a wuz goin thru some real s--- and that nut ass station tried to capitalize on some ni--az making false claims on ya boy." He continued, "I know we in competition but the s--- Colby and Jake and Tasha said was dry snitchin' and we don't do s--- like that we're I'm from." The censored words come courtesy of the People Paper - Uncle O's writing featured the words full-throttle.

Program director/host of 100.3, Colby Colb, had no comment. Uncle O's attorney, Wadud Ahmad, tells us his client has no beef with 100.3 and that O's remarks were "made out of frustration upon learning of the criminal matter being mischaracterized" on the Beat.

* Meanwhile, Phillies Ryan

Howard and Jimmy Rollins attended the Beat's This Is Why We Hot party Thursday night at Xandu (520 N. Columbus), where homegirl Eve and former Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland performed, as did Swizz Beats and Mims, for a crowd consisting largely of contest winners.

Victorino meets local cousin

Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino met his cousin Maryann Victorine the other night while the Flyin' Hawaiian signed autographs at Forman Mills on Aramingo Avenue. Victorine, of the Northeast, introduced herself to the ballplayer, who took her phone number and told her his branch of the family long ago changed the e to o at the end of their name. One fan in line gave Victorino a Father's Day card, as he celebrated his first Father's Day yesterday. His daughter, Kali'a, was born in April.

Who is Jared Cohen?

This Narberth man raked in $27,000 over three nights on "Jeopardy" last week," but didn't fare as well playing Quizzo at Manayunk's Bayou Bar & Grill (4245 Main). Cohen, a 25-year-old private-equity analyst, celebrated his first night of victory there Wednesday, watching the show with 15 friends. The Penn State grad and pals stuck around for the pub quiz afterward, and Cohen's crew didn't come close to victory. Bayou owner Joe Abruzzo figures the bar's game must be harder than "Jeopardy." But we imagine Cohen's happier with his TV cash than a free bar tab. *

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