McNabb not highly rated

Posted: June 19, 2007

EAGLES TRAINING CAMP is closing in, like a churning high tide down the Shore. It's only about 6 weeks away now. Yummy.

Since we're always in a football mood here, we tirelessly scoured Web sites for news or gossip last night. We came upon Peter King,on, who ranked the NFL starting quarterbacks, from 1 to 32.

King ranks Donovan McNabb, well, not in his top 10. He writes: "It's not that I don't like Donovan McNabb. I do. I just don't trust him to stay healthy. I rank the Eagles' QB 12th because I have no confidence that McNabb, at 30 and having missed a combined 13 games over the last 2 years, will be upright in December."

Fair enough.

Ahead of McNabb are No. 1 Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Carson Palmer.

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It's hard to argue those.

King's next seven picks are interesting: the Rams' Mark Bulger, Seahawks' Matt Hasselbeck, Titans' Vince Young, Chargers' Philip Rivers, Lions' Jon Kitna, Broncos' Jay Cutler and, gulp, Cowboys' Tony Romo, at 11.

Loyal Eagles fans would disagree, with vigor and passion. But McNabb is dealing with more than his injured knee. He's a guy who wants to be the most popular guy in school, but he knows he's not loved, deeply or unconditionally, in Philly. Some fans do adore him; some think he's one of the most overrated players in Eagles history.

You better believe that bothers McNabb.

Until there's contrary evidence, King's rating of 12 sounds just about right.

Another Timonen on the blue line

The Flyers yesterday traded for defenseman Kimmo Timonen, who of course is the brother of Jussi Timonen, who played for the Flyers and Phantoms last season.

Missed old Jussi, did you?

Speaking of brothers, one of the NBA mock drafts has the 76ers picking Marc Gasol at the 30th pick. He's the brother of the talented Pau Gasol, of Memphis. *

- Chuck Bausman

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