How the parking meters work

Posted: June 27, 2007

How the new meters work:

  • Each meter is multi-space, which means that you can use any machine in the vicinity, not just the one nearest to your parking space. You buy time, not a space.
  • The meters are solar powered and recharge their batteries, giving them a life of around six years.
  • Old single-space meters need batteries to be replaced each year.
  • The new meters use two-way wireless technology to send immediate reports of malfunctions or to alert workers that a particular machine needs to be collected.
  • If rates or hours of operation change, the new meters can be switched over via computer all at once.
  • The old models require each individual meter to be manually switched if rates or hours change.
  • The solar powered meters only require ambient light to work and still operate in bad weather.

How you work the new meters:

  • Swipe a credit card, put coins into the coin slot, or slide bills into the bill acceptor.
  • If using cash or coins, continue to add money until the desired time appears on the screen. If using a credit card, you can press the "add time" button to add time in 25 cent increments or press "max time" to buy 2 hours of parking.
  • Then press the green "print receipt" button and take your receipt.
  • The receipt will have a time printed on it. This is the time when your parking pass will expire and you must move your car.
  • Display the receipt clearly on your dashboard for enforcement officers to see.
  • Nickels can be used in the coin slots, but credit cards have a minimum of a quarter, which buys 15 minutes of parking time.
  • The new meters will soon be able to accept prepaid parking Smart Cards, but currently do not do so.

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