About Sixers' draft . . .

Posted: July 03, 2007

FOR WEEKS, THE Sixers were worldwide travelers in search of potential draft picks.

They brought in players for workouts. Generally, NBA teams poke and prod these guys, weigh and measure them, extensively interview them. The players are treated grandly, wined-and-dined some, shown the executive restrooms.

So what happened in Thursday's draft? The

Sixers had four picks and they chose four players. Sounds right. But then, they traded three of

the players for other teams' picks.


What happened to the intense scouting? What happened to picking your player, the guy

you want.

Were they scouting other teams' players?

We know the noise: We're drafting for other teams and there probably are future

considerations involved.

It's the perception that's so puzzling.

One of the players the Sixers acquired is named

Jason Smith, a 7-footer from Colorado State. Just 3 days later, the Flyers traded for Jason Smith,

a defenseman from Edmonton, which would

seem to put Philly at its Jason Smith limit.

It's a shame the Flyers didn't trade for

someone named Tim Duncan, eh?

Bye-bye, Buffalo . . . or see ya, Sabres

While Flyers fans were celebrating their

hopeful renaissance yesterday, in Buffalo they were picking through the rubble.

The Sabres, who had the most points in the

NHL last season, lost both of their co-captains to free agency, Daniel Briere to the Flyers and Chris Drury to the Rangers. They weren't happy about it.

Managing partner Larry Quinn said the Sabres talked to Drury about a new deal last September and said they would match any offer. Once they knew they were going to lose Drury, they turned their attention to Briere, but it was too late.

"The plan was to bring Chris Drury back," Quinn said. "He's a very hard player to

replace. And you just don't go up on the shelf

and buy another one." *

- Chuck Bausman

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