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Posted: July 06, 2007

There's been a steady stream of design books about small spaces lately, but The Apartment Book: Smart Decorating for Spaces Large and Small, by Carol Spier (Hearst Books/Sterling, $19.95), is a standout.

Filled with photos of apartments that appeared recently in House Beautiful magazine, the book relies on captions and quick-to-the-point text, with design tips such as swapping a square table for a round one in a small dining room and putting a daybed in a studio apartment.

The photos cover a wide sweep of styles, so mid-century-modern enthusiasts will find as many ideas as fans of the cottage look.

- Washington Post

Packed with solid, practical tips on everything from replacing a floorboard to installing shelves is The Little Book of Quick Fixes for the Home Handywoman, by Bridget Bodoano (Quadrille, $12.95).

This book is a must for anyone with little or no home-repair expertise. - Newsday

Can a craft book steal your heart? Sock and Glove (HP Trade, $12.95) just might.

Author Miyako Kanamori has resurrected the art of fashioning dolls out of old socks, gloves and mittens. She introduces readers to her craft by a simple story populated by her whimsical creatures, then tells how to create the stuffed animals.

- Akron Beacon Journal

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